Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am a coward...

I am a coward... I witnessed a crime and did nothing.

A woman of 50-60 was vandalizing the park down here, brutally trashing a small elder. They are rebuilding the park but she didn't have an uniform, neither did she have a saw. She obviously was doing something that was not only illegal but immoral as well, as elders are useful plants. And I just looked at her with murder in my eyes, and walked by.
I should have called the police. I should have asked her name. I should have run home, get my camera and take photos as evidence of her crime. She should at least pay some fines for vandalizing my environment and violating the "everyman's right", which is part of the Swedish constitution. I did nothing.

Also, my heart is bleeding for the elder. I love elders. And I just left it there to be violated and walked away...

I am horribly ashamed of myself.

Why didn't I do anything? Because I think she would have just laughed at me, crying over untidy rubs and calling HER a vandal and a criminal. She's probably a member of the local community council, and thinks she's "helping". The police would have just laughed at me, calling a "nice old lady" a vandal and a criminal. I wouldn't have saved anything, and she would continue vandalizing as if it was acceptable, and now with the blessing of the local law enforcement... Now at least I KNOW she's a criminal and a vandal... but I also know I'm a coward.