Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Eveyone is a lying hypocrite

I am having problems with negative thoughts.
Why do some people think its okay to claim they appreciate honesty more than anything, but when you are honest they find it okay to punish you for it, by bullying, mocking, harassing and persecuting you?
Why do they think it's okay to spread unbased gossip about others?
Why do they think it's okay to claim your conclusions based on a couple of words and a lot of misunderstanding is the truth about other people?
Why is it supposed to be bad that you publish something negative someone said in public group in the same public group? And that is supposed to be MY offense against you, who said it in the first place? Why are you fully innocent to what you say yourself? I don't get it. I really don't get it.

Some people get a good reputation for something stupid, and then they are untouchable. You may not criticise them, you may not tell them they are wrong or did something bad, you may not point out the inconsistency of their words and actions, if you do, you get flogged, and your reputation for ever more is ruined, not because you are a damned besserwisser and "negative", no, because you are a "bad person", attacking a "good person".
If A does this and B does the same thing, the consequences should be the same, don't you agree? But they aren't. The consequences are totally depending on if you like A and B. Whether they have shown ability to think intelligently or not, whether they are honest and reliable or not, whether they have shown prejudices or not, whether they have violated all your ethical rules or not, all that is totally indifferent, the only thing that matters if whether these people are your friends or not.
No, not even that... whether you consider these people to be your friends or not.

How do you know someone is lying? They claim to appreciate honesty more than anything else. They say they hate liars. If you ask doctor House, he's say the person is a human being and alive. Most people lie, every third minute they say something untrue. Either it's a real lie, or white lie, or something they are not aware is a lie, but if you are a human being, you lie. I lie, you lie, everybody lies.

Another thing that is true for every human being is that everyone is a prejudicous and hypocritical. Everyone. If you are a living human being, you have prejudices of several things, some of them negative, some of them false. If you are a living human being, you are a hypocrite. You don't live as you preach, and you do preach. The biggest hypocrisy of it all is when you claim you are not hypocritical, that you hate hypocritical people, and when you justify your bullying, mocking and harassing another human being with "he's being a hypocritical, prejudicous liar". So are you. So am I. Everyone is.

Except perhaps those who never say a word, who never visit internet debate groups, who live by the "I'm full of it and I know nothing" motto.
But, as said, you don't see those in the internet (laughing out loud)

It would be better to be an honest a-hole and admit that you cannot be sure of that every word that comes from your mouth IS truthful, that you cannot be sure of that your assessment of each situation, your understanding of what others are saying or what they mean with their words, your estimation of your environment and your fellow beings, is intrinsically flawed and based on your beliefs, prejudices and experiences in your life, and anyone over 10 years has plenty of experience and misunderstood "learning" to tackle. This is called "a filter" and it gives its taste to every piece of input and output. That you do allow your prejudices, beliefs, what other people say about these people and all kinds of irrelevant things decide your opinion on this person AND what he/she says.

And how is it supposed to be something to brag about that you don't have the slightest understanding of privacy? Why is it supposed to be a justifiable reason to pick locks and hack other people's accounts and send spies to closed groups, that you think they MIGHT be saying something negative about you? I don't like you, so is it a surprise to you to know that I state I don't like you? Is it necessary information to you so that you and/or your friends could violate the rules of privacy? No. The only thing you have achieved by mocking the members of a private group for not saying anything interesting in their group is to reveal that YOU are an a-hole.

People believe it's okay to break an agreement, violate trust and tell what they found out in a confidential discussion to others, whether it is their friends, or enemies of their enemies...
People believe you can - and should - break any ethical rules for the sake of "friendship".
People think others have to EARN respect and forgiveness... but respect you give to others is the measurement of the respect you have for yourself, and you need to forgive to be free and able to carry on with your life, take back the power you gave to the person who "offended" you.

In the end, all this is irrelevant. The only person I'm hurting is me. The people who did all that to me don't give a dime about me, or the others they keep hurting.

It's just that I don't understand... but - I'm full of it and know nothing, and I'm pretty sure I have done a lot of things other people don't understand.