Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ostara is coming, are you ready? ;-)

This year it's March 20th - like usually :-D - and it's a Tuesday, so adjust the time table to that fact.
I suggest you have the cleaning already on Saturday 10th and card making day Sunday 11th, so that they are all ready to be posted latest on Wednesday 14th.

Monica Dunkley's children's artwork :-) I love these :-)

It might also be a good idea to celebrate Ostara a couple of days beforehand, so that you can have a peaceful celebration.
But - you need to start thinking about this. Four weeks to Ostara. 30 days. You wouldn't be as calm and collected if it was last week of November ;-)

BTW, you need to prepare the countdown calendar...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Husband appreciation

Well... Martin Luther was a racist, but with this idea I agree. I wonder if K├Ąthe was so sad to see him leave... perhaps, because she knew he would come home with a bunch of people who would be fed with the food of her children... Well, well... Don't do what he did, try to follow his words. These words.

Yep. How can you polish it? How can you water the garden of your relationship with your husband?

Day 4: Find out what is your husband's dream job and help him take the steps necessary to get there. Start by asking what is his idea of a nightmarish work, the hours, the colleagues, the work, the boss, purpose and meaning... Then turn it all around and ask him what he'd like if his work was like the opposite of the nightmare...
If he's already doing what he likes, then that's wonderful! How can you help him to enjoy working even more? By leaving loving notes in his lunchbox? By telling him how much you appreciate the fact that he's working and doing his part in supporting the family?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

12 days of gifts

Of course you need to adjust the gifts to your husband :-) Mine would be rather confused to get 12 golf balls :-D

Day 3 of spouse encouragement challenge:

Still - don't say anything negative to your husband. May your words be only kind and loving and appreciative and encouraging. Count your blessings, in him, and let him know you are aware of it, think about it, appreciate it.

Make a list of how your life is better because he's in it, and share it with him.