Friday, March 15, 2013

Runes as talismans

Now, I don't know who has constructed these runes, where they come from, or if they work, but you can experiment with them. They were found on a Russian blog.
Now, people who know warn others of using runes lightly, as there is power in them, but I believe fools have their own guardian angels that will protect them from the bad consequences of magic. Fools and virgins... Innocents. That you must use the Will and the Word together, not just read the words... On the other hand, the words have power too, so something will happen.
Now, if your God forbids you from use of magic, you will not use runes either.

Here's plenty of information about runes, folklore, suggestions, advice, explanations. Sunny Way
Here are some "bindrunes"
and here's how to use the Hungarian (Rovas) runes for divination (in Russian)

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