Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Color Oracle at Astrodienst

Your General Disposition

At the present time your behavior is characterized by your need for prosperity. Having enough money means security for you, but also the freedom to be able to afford something that brings you joy and to be better able to live in accordance with your own ideas. Your attitude towards money is ambivalent: you generally think very economically and you save money where you can in order to hold onto it. At times, however, you unexpectedly spend a great deal because you also want to get something out of it.
Interpretation of the Colors You Find Most Pleasing
Of great importance to you now is... ...crisis-proof existential survival.
You need the comforting certainty of having a solid base in your life. Stable living conditions, adequate income and sensual pleasure and a certain measure of comfort are among your life goals. You want to be secure against the whims of fate and to be able to devote yourself without distraction to the things that give you satisfaction. For this reason you resolutely apply yourself to the task of creating a crisis-proof existence, despite any obstacles which might appear. The thing you consider very important for your sense of wellbeing is... 

...alert self-protection.
You carefully scrutinize everything that crosses your path and you don’t say yes to it until it has passed your acid test. You decidedly and resolutely fend off everything that could hinder your personal development and you keep your distance from unpleasant people who try to manipulate, define or influence you. The thing you have consciously planned is... 

...vigorous effort.
You need a task that inspires you and allows you to give your all. If serious demands are made on your abilities or your strengths you mobilize all your creativity and really stay on the ball in order to prove to yourself and others what you are capable of. If your efforts are acknowledged you are prepared to do your best. Should someone approach you with unfair demands or even worse with outright injustice, however, you resolutely fend them off. At present you are working particularly hard for...

  ...objective assessment of the situation.
Whatever you perceive –people, things or information – you analyze it, both critically and with a certain amount of skepticism, because you want to be certain whether it is beneficial to you or not. You are not easily misled and in line with the motto “once bitten, twice shy” you keep your distance from everything that could do to damage your wallet, your reputation, your wellbeing or your peace of mind. One thing is utterly clear to you: Your present situation requires...

 ...optimistic self-encouragement.
Again and again you consciously adopt a positive inner attitude. This helps you to better stand up under the hardships of the present. You create goals, projects or ideals for yourself that give you a boost and the hope that your life will be better and happier. You search for ways and means which allow you to enjoy life without care and to spend more time devoting yourself to the things that bring you joy. In order to forge ahead in good spirits you now need...

 ...nurturing useful relationships.
Due to the fact that you are stuck in a genuinely unpleasant situation you seek contact with helpful people you hope will show you understanding and provide you with moral support. It could be that you receive the necessary encouragement but in the end you have to solve your personal problems yourself. Your common sense will help you in this.

You can ask yourself:

Doesn’t my determination not to allow others to influence me stem from an inner sense of insecurity that I don’t want to see and absolutely don’t want to admit? Has my stubborn, egocentric behavior ever won me anyone’s sympathy?

Does my striving to cope despite difficulties not carry a risk of my concentrating too strongly on what I have planned, thus limiting my field of vision for other possibilities?
Interpretation of the Colors You Find Most Unpleasant
At the moment you feel most anxious due to your...  

...inhibiting limitations.
Difficult circumstances limit your opportunities for experience and your freedom of action. You feel deprived because you have to do without some of the things that would make life pleasant. You expect far too much understanding for your needs from other people and as a result you often feel disappointed. You might ask yourself how much understanding and empathy you show for others. You would like to be free of your...  

...aggressive irritability.
You often feel hindered by someone, either because your lovely plans get crossed or because someone puts bothersome obstacles in your path, criticizes you, offends you or otherwise annoys you. For this reason you have accumulated a great deal of resentment inside which can discharge in the form of unexpected aggressive reactions. As long as you have not yet forgiven someone who has angered or injured you, you will not get rid of your explosive irritability. You are happy to give someone close to you the blame for your...

  ...dangerous tendency towards depression.
Sad events or a hard stroke of fate have triggered dispiriting feelings in you such as depressiveness, pessimism, fear or insecurity. You turn to pleasurable things to try to distract yourself from this experience and to forget it. However, the repressed emotions could make themselves known in the form of unwelcome physical complaints. You could also end up in a depressive mood due to your...

  ...unpleasant contentiousness.
The behavior of certain other people is a thorn in your side. You don’t feel like putting up with just anything without objection, and because of this you can give no guarantee you won’t end up in an argument with the person in question. Your stubborn attitude could easily provoke confrontations. At the moment your mood is somewhat gloomy due to your...

  ...frightening lack of power.
You constantly see yourself confronted with a mountain of difficulties and problems. At the same time you don’t want to let yourself be dragged down by feelings of despair and resignation. For this reason you concentrate on achieving what is most important to you right now. The resources you employ in doing so range from winning affability to skillful manipulation all the way to authoritarian pressure because you want to get everything under control. Your fear of being powerless arouses exactly the opposite in you: a thirst for power. You also feel powerless in the face of your...  

...fear of rejection.
You often feel isolated from other people by an invisible wall and sometimes you get the creeping feeling that even the people you like don’t really love you and possibly even reject you. On the other hand you enjoy standing out from the crowd with your willfulness, unusual views and egocentric behavior. Your “distinctiveness trip“ does win you attention, but not the warm-hearted affection you require.

Your unconscious advices you:

When you are plagued by feelings of want or anger, don’t seek your consolation in faith in a better future. Instead of investing in something uncertain, take a sober look at the unpleasant facts without blaming anyone for them. Then consider how you could improve your situation, and do it now! Life is always happening NOW.

When something bothers, unsettles or frightens you, don’t try desperately to play calm and to act as if you weren’t bothered by it. You can't get rid of negative feelings that way, but if you get into the habit of observing them without passing judgment you will be able to see that if you don’t give in to them they dissipate like smoke.