Friday, February 17, 2017

Why I don't like Christianity as a religion

1) I dislike "improved versions" of existing religions

If you take something that exists and present your own version of it, changed enough to make it different, BUT INSISTING ON ANY RIGHT TO THE POPULARITY OF THE ORIGINAL VERSION, you are a thief, a liar, a swindler and a cheater. Your "religion" is a rip-off and plagiarism and your only motifs are of selfish gain - could be economical, could be control, could be self-aggrandizing - which makes any good qualities of your concoction tainted by association, and makes me wonder where you stole them.

So, if you find a teacher worth following and decide to make God of him, don't call the religion an improved version of his religion. Create a totally independent, new one, even when it means you'll get less followers because you can't sell the new religion to your God's old friends and relatives.
If you find a heap of golden tablets in a field, start a new religion, independent of all the existing ones, even when it means you can't sell your lifestyle to so many people.
If you get the great idea of uniting a group of fighting tribes under one God, don't tie your God to any existing religion, especially to any religion you despise, just to get your hands on their property, start afresh.
If you start a religion, don't adopt figures from other religions and claim they were really presenting yours. Don't go referring to Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham, Krishna, Buddha or any other person/God/character/entity that already exists in a religion, even when that makes it harder for you to sell your religion.

It's like writing sequels to popular novels. Take Scarlett, for example. The idea was good. Alexandra Ripley should have been a good choice. She tried to understand Scarlett. But why change her hair color? Why change her nature and character? Why make her not Scarlett? Sending her to Ireland was a brilliant idea, I think. AND THEN MAKE HER GIVE TARA AWAY?! SHE DIDN'T UNDERSTAND SCARLETT AT ALL!

And that's what happens when a non-Jew tries to create a religion based on the Jewish God. You just don't understand Him, so you try to make Him do things He would never do, say things He would never say, want things He would never want, and that makes every Jew look at you as if you were an idiot, because that's what you are.

2) Human sacrifice

The Jewish God would NEVER ask for human sacrifice the way Christianity describes it. Didn't you get it with Abraham and Isac?

I have nothing against human sacrifice, I am a Pagan after all, but human sacrifice is one of the most misunderstood things in human history. I find it so weird that most of the people likely to misunderstand are Christians, who base their whole religion on human sacrifice.
Let me try to explain my view on this matter.

Ok, so I am not talking about the South American style of human sacrifice, I am not American, so I don't even pretend to understand anything about that. I am European and North European at that. I am connected to this piece of Earth.

In my mind the sacrifice is about offering God something in exchange.
The more I value what I want, the more valuable thing I sacrifice.
When I am ready to sacrifice a human being, the thing I am asking must be something truly valuable. Like the survival of the whole people.
So, a slave or a criminal or a captured enemy would not do, because those people are not worth much. I wouldn't slaughter an animal, and offer God the bits I don't find any other use for. That' s... despicable. God should get the best.
So, I would be honored if I was chosen to be the sacrifice, and I would leave everything and do anything I'm asked to prepare myself for the honor, I would be grateful for the opportunity to save my people, and I would feel my life was fulfilled and beautiful and honorable and it would be the most amazing thing I could ever ask for. I don't think you can understand that. I don't care about the pain or death. That only last for a moment. But the reward!
And not to me! I don't care about me! I don't know if there is life after death, if I would ever meet the God, or if I just would be dead and no more. I care about the people. My people would survive!
And not just my family, I mean, they would need to lose me, and I don't even want to think about how horrible it would be to lose one of my sisters. I still miss my dad so much.  I'm pretty sure they'd rather all die of hunger than choose one to pay for the rest's survival. I am not dying for them. I am dying for everyone.
I am dying for those who bullied me and those who helped me, those who laughed at me and those who laughed with me, those who hated me and those who loved me, those whom I hated and those whom I loved. Everyone. Because the survival of the people is more important than the survival of a person.

I don't think you will ever get this.
Because you made Jesus' sacrifice mote.


Ok, He received a personal reward. 
he ascended into heaven
and is seated at the right hand of the Father.
He will come again in glory
to judge the living and the dead,
and his kingdom will have no end.
I mean, offer me the change of being beaten to death just to be resurrected a couple of day later and lifted to heaven and then get the chance to decide what happens TO ALL MANKIND FOR EVER AND EVER after they die. Oh, yeah. I'll take that.
He knew he wasn't going to die at all, not really. That was just the grand finale of the 30 years of pretending to be a human. Just an act. Nothing real ever happened, it was a puppet show.
Firstly 30 years. What's that in God's Eternity? Nothing. Secondly, the suffering. A day? Last Supper on Thursday, execution on Friday? And the abuse? A lot of people get that pretty often. Execution on cross? Standard thing among the Romans at that time. What did the other humans executed in that painful way got for their pains? Nothing. Doesn't sound quite fair to me. But that's not the point here... the point here is the puppet show.
Get this, I have been explained by Christians that God was actually using a real, existing human being as a sort of costume, and that God Jesus left the human Jesus on the cross so that the human would be able to die.
So, let's get really nasty with this puppet, let's beat it and wound it and nail it on the cross and make it bleed and suffer and make it look all gory and gross and let's make these women cry and wail, and let's make these Roman soldiers really nasty and callous... really good show. The best splatter show ever, BECAUSE IT'S REAL!
I don't know about you, but I find splatter films and Grand Guignol kind of torture horror entertainment disgusting and revolting. I can't imagine anything good in people who like to inflict pain on other living beings, and with "living beings" I mean ANY living beings, all the life forms, from humans and other animals to plants and even silicone based life forms, and any kind of pain, from physical to mental and any other form imaginable.  AND YOU MAKE THESE PEOPLE GODS!

And you make it even "better.

We don't care about that "we planned it to be like this the whole time" and "it was really the Romans who executed Jesus", we make the Jews take the blame and make them discriminated, persecuted, harassed, killed, exterminated by the Christians for thousands of years.
Huh? Er... What? Why? What's the point with that?
We'll get to it... It gets even better.

So... the Jews were the first people to oppose the Christians and accuse them of stealing, which the Christians didn't like, of course, so they made the Jews "bad guys" in their story.

And the hell was invented as the answer to what happens to people who won't join the new cult. I mean, it's all right to be true to your own Gods, the Gods of your ancestors, the Gods of your people, the Gods who have been good to us and who have taken care of us, and stand for all the torture by these nasty Christians, but the fun begins WHEN YOU DIE AND CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT IT,

And the fact that you do not confess the "right" God, makes you a liar and a fake, and all those "good things", how ever good they might seem, are in reality fake lies and you will be punished the worst possible way for the rest of the eternity.
For being so stupid.
For believing what your parents told you rather than that stranger who killed your parents.
You deserve to burn.

Ok, I choose to burn for ever with all the people I love and you and the rest of your good people can have your god and heaven for yourself. I don't want to have anything to do with you or your psychopath God.

3) "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations"

Ok, so telling everyone about this wonderful thing that has happened to you, that's great. Sharing with everyone this great story you heard, great! Spreading the good news to everyone whether they want to hear or not, fine by me.
BUT... forcing yourself onto their land and homes to "tell them the good news", not OK.
Forcing people to listen to you, not OK.
Forcing them to choose between life and converting to your religion, not cool.
Burning people who believe differently, or who have a different interpretation of the story, not OK.
Destroying other people's property as idolatry, devil worship or other such reason, mainly being "not being part of the same religion as mine" - that is, burning non-Christian religious books, sacred artefacts and temples, not OK.
Christening children against their parents wishes or knowledge, not OK
Abducting children from their non-Christian parents so that they can be raised Christian, not OK
Lying to people, threatening them with hell and telling them their gods are demons and idols, not OK.
Refusing people non-religious services or privileges due to their religion, not OK
Pushing people some sort of extra burden or punishment due to their religion, not OK.
Demanding, expecting, even asking people to follow the rules of your God, not OK. Frankly, even judging people as "bad people" because they might or might not follow the rules of your God as you understand them is not OK.

I think proselytism is disgusting.
Proselytism is not "freedom of expression". Do you understand why?

Telling everyone about this wonderful thing that has happened to you is expressing yourself. I can honestly and fully congratulate you of your good fortune and happiness and wish you the best with the rest of your life. But it's like with any wonderful thing that has happened to you.
Your parents bought you this beautiful car for your 18th birthday! I am so happy for you!
You fell in love and he/she loves you too, and you are going to get married! Oh, how wonderful! I hope you will be as happy as I am in my marriage, and may it last long and may you prosper!
Your cat got kittens and they are all well! Wonderful!
You found Jesus! Great! Good for you!
Get it?

Sharing with everyone this great story you heard, great! I love stories! There can never be too many stories! God loves a good story! Yes, I do want to hear it!
On the same level as I want to see a movie, read a book, hear a fairy tale, watch an episode of a tv series. If you think that level of interest is not enough, it's your problem. Don't try to make it mine.
And, yes, I have read the Bible. Which is more than can be said of 99% of Christians. I know the story.
Yeah, you think it's the greatest story in the world. I disagree with you. It's not very well written, the authors couldn't agree on a version, so there's too many versions, and it's rather boring, and not very original either. I've heard better. Better versions of this one as well.
I know you think it's more than a story, but I knew a woman once, who didn't want to speak to me, because I pointed out that the prophecy in Harry Potter said "either". Because to her Harry Potter had become a prophecy of her life, and if Harry was to die, so was she. I think she would have killed herself if Harry had died. And that level of crazy is a bit too much for me, thank you. So when you tell me this book of yours is God's Word and literally true and more than a story and you'll see a certain look in my eyes. It's ok you're crazy, but don't involve me in that, please, and we'll be all right. I can ignore your craziness and won't be judging you because of it, heck, I believe stones are living creatures and have seen Fae, so I suppose we are all a little crazy in our own ways, but I'm not expecting you to believe in what I believe, and that is what I expect of you. Let's keep the beliefs out of our everyday interaction and everything will be fine, OK.

Spreading the good news to everyone, of course! I remember when I found out about Wicca. It was late 90s, and the only information I had about that world was that I had a book written by a Danish witch; I had heard an interview of a witch in Swedish radio; I had heard of a book written by Erica Jong and I had heard about this movie "The Craft". Now I learned that Wicca was actually a real, acknowledged religion with all it entails, and there were people around who believed about the same as I did. It was amazing! I was overjoyed! I wanted to tell everyone about this, I wanted everyone to know! I was about 30, so I knew not everyone was interested, so I just sang my newfound information online on my homepage, so that those who wanted to hear could listen and those who weren't interested, could move on. They didn't need to be bothered by unwanted information and I didn't need to be bothered by them.

Or... so I thought... then I found out that there are people out there - Christians, they say they are - who go around bothering Wiccans and other neo-Pagans. Just the fact that we exist and speak about this religion they don't like makes it OK in their eyes to come screaming obscenities in our space. There are many young people who have been scared to shut up, threatened, told horrible things, I mean... what kind of a person tells a teenager talking about bunnies and flowers and unicorns, she's evil and she should be raped and get killed in horrible way and get her cat tortured to death, all this decorated with swearing, obscenities, bible quotes and fire and brimstone. It is such a peculiar feeling to read these messages, totally on par with death threats to feminists and political trolling but dressed as preaching...

Except the silent judgmental kind who obviously condones these obscene preachers.
How would they know there are normal, sane, decent Christians around? It's like saying "some cult members are nice people. You can't really judge all by some evil ones."
Yeah... I know. But isn't that what you do?
Not all men are rapists, huh?
I have some black friends, I'm not racist!
Not all Pagans are evil, but most Pagans are evil, or at least they'd want to be, if they dared, just like the men who don't rape are an exception.
I haven't done anything bad as far as you know, but... you don't know, do you. And what you don't know, might have happened. So I might be sacrificing animals in my kitchen. Of course I would deny doing that, because that happens to be illegal.
I might be kidnapping Christian babies to eat on Pesach. You don't know, but you think I could.
Isn't that pretty... er... not nice to... uh, no. It is not "pretty not nice". It is disgusting to think someone you don't even know is doing horrible things when you don't know what they are doing. It's so disgusting it is illegal to accuse an innocent person of a serious crime.

Which is my number 4.

4) A lot of Christians seem to think their own rules don't apply to them

They have no problems in going around and telling all these stories about non-Christians, (especially those they share their lives with; Jews, Muslims and Pagans), vilifying people, accusing people of horrible things, either things that are horribly only by their book or things that are seriously horrible, like torturing animals and killing people.
I was being groped by an old man when I was 13, and he was Christian. For some reason he thought it was OK for him to start groping a child just because she had breasts.

I have been threatened, called names, received all kinds of verbal abuse on the internet, and 80% of it has come from self-proclaimed Christians. For some reason they think it's OK for them to be nasty, just because so many other people are. Though Jesus didn't say "respond in kind to people when they are verbally abusive, and if someone offends you, call him fucking bitch, and if you disagree on the internet, tell them to go hell". If I remember correctly he said something quite different.

My Jewish husband has been thrown things at by Christians, a Christian tried to drive over him when he was walking our dog, a Christian man threatened to send his cousins to rape and kill us because he thought my husband had spat after him. The verbal harassment is so common that he doesn't even react to it any more. For some reason all these people think they are being good Christians, for they love Jesus so much and go to church often and wear a cross.

Of all the people I have ever met, it's only Christians who have done something to try to persuade me change my spiritual beliefs. There are posters plastered all over, people share out leaflets, start talking on the train and on buss stop. People have even called at my door just to talk about Jesus. Strangers have told me I'll go to hell because I'm a witch. I tell them I let God decide that, and for some reason they are not very happy about that :-D As if they suspect God doesn't agree with them...I really think it would be better if they focused more on their own life right now than my possible future. I really think they shouldn't be thinking about my possible future at all, because it really is none of their concern. :-D

I mean, there really is only one thing in the whole Bible every Christian need to read, understand and follow.
Matthew 5-7, the Sermon on the Mount, and then if they read Galatians 5:14-23 for any clarification if such is needed, to understand what is the fruit they need to keep an eye on, so that they can recognize the fruit labeled as "Christian".

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Decorating Bundt cakes

Abeer at Cake Whiz came up with the idea already in April :-D

Now, Bundt cakes are not very festive by nature, but there's a lot of ground to break in this direction.

Reminds me of Rococo dresses

The classic way of decorating Bundts is of course the drizzle with icing, so that the icing drips down the valleys left by the cake mold. One can also put something on the mountain tops, like sprinklers, nuts or cherries

I really like this Independence Day cake, because it looks like fireworks... but I have seen the same idea done for other holidays and it just looks messy...
Firecracker Bundt Cake – An Explosive Red, White and Blue Dessert

Though I like this one.  
I saw a cake where someone put teeth around the hole, like it was the monster's mouth... but, of course, I can't find it now.
Here's the Sarlacc cake :-D Pure genius.

This one is a beauty as well - I like the loaded top

Coating the cake with crunched nuts, coconut or other such crumbs is a great idea as well

This is to me a novel idea

And here's the ever so popular roses - very simple and effective way of decorating cakes, works on bundts too.
Susan's rose cake for her daughter's sweet 13
(I know I say "Pinterest is never the source", but in this case it looks like it is...)

The hole is just asking to be filled, don't you think?

This is Evan's Cherry Blossom Citrus and Berry Cake. It is not a bundt, but could easily be. Just cover the cake with icing, add the dribble and flowers. Beautiful.

What about mirror glazing the bundt?

Flotatinas are actually not cake at all, but creme bavarois and jelly. But this is how pretty a bundt cake is when mirror glazed.

What about covering the cake with icing and then painting the icing? Like with this antique ceramic bundt mold

So pretty sugar flower wreath

This takes a bit more patience, but the result is great!
This is made of 2 bundt cakes, but one can easily decorate only one.
Also, don't forget that you can bake the "hidden surprise" cake in bundt pan too!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Care package for someone with fibromyalgia

Just in case someone gets the idea of wanting to send me one :-D

I wanted a chocolate cake today, so I went to the kitchen to make me one. After 10 minutes I had to call my husband to finish the batter for me, because my hands couldn't take it any more.
Now I'm in pain, because of all the emotional upheaval...
I hate it that I can't just go to kitchen and whisk me a cake.
I hate it that my hands hurt after doing something, so bad, that I find it hard to write.
I hate it that I had to interrupt my husband and ask him finish the job I want to be able to do myself.
I hate it that I can't trust my body anymore.
I hate it that it's just us two here.
I feel so alone. Abandoned.

And I would really, really, really like to have a care package right now.

It would be all yellow things, like the Box of Sunshine above.

I would like to find a couple of DVDs... action movies. I like action movies. I like Luc Besson. I like Crank and Transporter, and I like Shoot 'Em Up, and I like Ultraviolet and bad-ass women. Long Kiss Goodnight. Peking Opera Blues. Things like that. I find it uplifting to watch women kick ass. It makes me feel better and more powerful. Kill Bill was great.
Though some feel-good is also nice. Love, Actually, for example. Love that.
But do not give me "Life of Pi"! Yuk!

Yoga video would be nice, too... or some other form of gentle, calm and relaxing movement

This bunny is a heatable neckpillow with herbs inside so that it will smell lovely when heated

Warm and cozy is good.
I love hot water bottles. Heat pads would be nice. Ice packs too. Sometimes cold makes it feel better, sometimes warm.
I'd love comfy, soft bedsocks... not too tight, not too thick, loose around the ankle, but not around the foot...
And I would really like a bed jacket.

I love brain teasers and puzzle cubes and sudoku. I would get lyrical if I found a wooden puzzle cube from the box, but a sudoku pad would be nice, too :-D

Something edible, of course. They say sour things are anti-inflammatory, like sour cherries and lemon. I like lemon. And cherries. And pineapple is anti-inflammatory, and honey, almonds and coconut. And ginger. Some sort of dried fruits - nuts snacky things would be nice.
Lemon drops. Eucalyptus drops.
Chewing gum.
And chocolate. There should always be chocolate in a care package.
And some sort of toffee-fudge-dulce-de-leche-caramel variant, because I love that.
Also, they say liquorice helps with inflammation and pain, so put that in, too.

Of course tea. It can be some sort of "healthy" tea. With a cute cup. Or bowl... I like drinking my tea from a bowl, and it should be light... and thin... like Chinese superthin china bowl...

I think I would like a couple of small bottles of juice, like something really healthy, full of vitamin C and yellow, like sea-buckthorn. I like that.

A couple of pocket books, perhaps? Roald Dahl usually works, and Eva Ibbotson. I like children's books.
Something to make me laugh. Asterix works always and I like Gaston, too. 

And then some "beauty products", like handcream and so... I don't much know what this could be, but something that smells nice and can be used in bed. Perhaps bath things. Epsom salt would be awesome.

I think I would love a mixtape CD :-D Uplifting songs for a fox in trouble. :-) Or maybe some meditation or so.

I would LOVE to have a new, soft knit pajamas or nightgown, a bit old-fashioned

Something I'd love as well, is new bed sheets of very tight woven quality cotton, because I need to change my sheets often and best quality sheets are most comfortable but also expensive.

Some aromatherapy: for fibromyalgia following oils are suggested: basil, lavender and rosemary; rose; citrus fruits, like lemon and orange; ginger

I would need some of these help grip gadgets.
Another helpful "gadget" is bed tray. Anything that makes that I don't need to carry the weight of things on me or with my hands.
Also, different massage things, from brushes and rollers to shiatsu seat etc.

Gel cooling eye mask - would be wonderful after all crying...
Also a nice box for tissue paper for my night stand. My eyes and nose run because of FM:

I think I'd like a Himalayan salt lamp...
Some air purifying plants would be nice, too, instead of flowers.
They also say that beeswax candles have nice effect, too

A pretty notebook and pen that glides easily on the paper - perhaps some sort of writing aid for easier grip on the pen?

Guess what? This made me cry...
I haven't even thought of the possibility. Freezer meals, so that I won't need to cook! Or have some baked stuff in my freezer so when I feel like cake or doughnuts or what not, I can go to my freezer and have it.

Cleaning help would be lovely. 
Also any help for getting my chores done, 
like help with shopping, bank business, doctor's appointments etc.

You know what would be great? You know how I always cancel dates and meetings? What about bringing the date to me? Check out the different "date night at home" ideas, there's tons of them, and most can be adjusted to "best friends" in stead of "lovers".

Fibromyalgia Tips, Tricks and Gadgets, to give you a hand :)
A really good list to give you more ideas :-)

Then to some things I would love but don't dare to ask.

It would be amazing to have a year's prepaid maid service, once a month or even once a week...
Even once would be a relief.

Oh, I would love this!
"feels like down" pillow - down feeling, but not the allergy 
I used to have these 50x90 down pillows which I LOVED.
I'd love to have those replaced.
And I love the pregnancy pillow which is as long as one's body twice, so that it feels like one is sleeping in someone's lap

Massage, alternative therapy session, Rosen therapy, Alexander therapy, any kind of physical therapy.
Also things like manicure, pedicure, face treatment...

 A small dishwasher so that I don't need to worry about doing the dishes

An air purifier to make it easier to breathe
A slow cooker so that I don't need to cook