Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Actually, not so much. Feels very... disrespectful.
I suppose I should be glad for this part of my people's traditions
being adopted by "modern man", but I'm not.
It just feels disrespectful.
I mean... the "fabric" should be felt. Wool felt.
That's wonderful isolation and waterproof, if done correctly, and can be decorated.
Canvas yurt is for wussies.

What is a yurt?

I used to be somewhat... not active, close is perhaps more correct word - with SCA, and LRP people, and I am very proud of my Ugric inheritage, and to me yurt IS Ugric. I have kind of adoptic the steppen people as my own ;-) Sarmatians, Amazons, Scythians, Huns, Cumans and Cossacks and Mongolians. All my people :-D (I don't know. All I know is that their artefacts and culture resounds very strongly inside me.
my people - an Uighur girl, a Finnish girl and a Mongolian girl :-)
While I was looking at these different people, I also found several race discussions...
Someone had put together photos of different soccer players to see what a "racial type" looks like.
In Stormfront's forum they are discussing about whether Finns are "white" or not.
I think all these girls are white, blond and blue-eyed.
They will probably grow up to become beautiful blond women.
Are they Caucasian? Cauc-asian? Sure... :-D
Just like the Romani people are the closest thing of "pure Aryans" we get ;-)
Like they said in the opening ceremonies of the Soccer World Championships, "Welcome home" -
We all - ALL - come from Africa. If you dig deep enough, you find a black person in every human being's family tree.
Eve and Adam were black.
Albino woman - one the only truly white people :-)
Considering that albinism is hereditary, perhaps the "white power" people should go find themselves albino spouses?)

Back to Yurts :-) I want one. With thick, felted covers.
I might want to change some things though.
1) the door could be flaps instead of a real door. Easier to transport. Three layers would keep the yurt warm in the winter. (Three layers? 1) right side flap, left side flap and a separate door flap.
2) reciprocal roof instead of a real one.

This is the way to do it :-D
Have all modern comforts, like solar cells and satellite disc,
and use a motorcycle instead of a horse,
the yurt is real, correct, perfetc :-)
Just the way it should be.
The way it works best,
and has worked for hundreds of years.
Canvas will stop working in just a couple of years.
(The extra super duper durable thing they sell in the "modern yurt" place lasts 15 years.)
15 YEARS!!!

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