Monday, October 31, 2016

Care package for someone with fibromyalgia

Just in case someone gets the idea of wanting to send me one :-D

I wanted a chocolate cake today, so I went to the kitchen to make me one. After 10 minutes I had to call my husband to finish the batter for me, because my hands couldn't take it any more.
Now I'm in pain, because of all the emotional upheaval...
I hate it that I can't just go to kitchen and whisk me a cake.
I hate it that my hands hurt after doing something, so bad, that I find it hard to write.
I hate it that I had to interrupt my husband and ask him finish the job I want to be able to do myself.
I hate it that I can't trust my body anymore.
I hate it that it's just us two here.
I feel so alone. Abandoned.

And I would really, really, really like to have a care package right now.

It would be all yellow things, like the Box of Sunshine above.

I would like to find a couple of DVDs... action movies. I like action movies. I like Luc Besson. I like Crank and Transporter, and I like Shoot 'Em Up, and I like Ultraviolet and bad-ass women. Long Kiss Goodnight. Peking Opera Blues. Things like that. I find it uplifting to watch women kick ass. It makes me feel better and more powerful. Kill Bill was great.
Though some feel-good is also nice. Love, Actually, for example. Love that.
But do not give me "Life of Pi"! Yuk!

Yoga video would be nice, too... or some other form of gentle, calm and relaxing movement

This bunny is a heatable neckpillow with herbs inside so that it will smell lovely when heated

Warm and cozy is good.
I love hot water bottles. Heat pads would be nice. Ice packs too. Sometimes cold makes it feel better, sometimes warm.
I'd love comfy, soft bedsocks... not too tight, not too thick, loose around the ankle, but not around the foot...
And I would really like a bed jacket.

I love brain teasers and puzzle cubes and sudoku. I would get lyrical if I found a wooden puzzle cube from the box, but a sudoku pad would be nice, too :-D

Something edible, of course. They say sour things are anti-inflammatory, like sour cherries and lemon. I like lemon. And cherries. And pineapple is anti-inflammatory, and honey, almonds and coconut. And ginger. Some sort of dried fruits - nuts snacky things would be nice.
Lemon drops. Eucalyptus drops.
Chewing gum.
And chocolate. There should always be chocolate in a care package.
And some sort of toffee-fudge-dulce-de-leche-caramel variant, because I love that.
Also, they say liquorice helps with inflammation and pain, so put that in, too.

Of course tea. It can be some sort of "healthy" tea. With a cute cup. Or bowl... I like drinking my tea from a bowl, and it should be light... and thin... like Chinese superthin china bowl...

I think I would like a couple of small bottles of juice, like something really healthy, full of vitamin C and yellow, like sea-buckthorn. I like that.

A couple of pocket books, perhaps? Roald Dahl usually works, and Eva Ibbotson. I like children's books.
Something to make me laugh. Asterix works always and I like Gaston, too. 

And then some "beauty products", like handcream and so... I don't much know what this could be, but something that smells nice and can be used in bed. Perhaps bath things. Epsom salt would be awesome.

I think I would love a mixtape CD :-D Uplifting songs for a fox in trouble. :-) Or maybe some meditation or so.

I would LOVE to have a new, soft knit pajamas or nightgown, a bit old-fashioned

Something I'd love as well, is new bed sheets of very tight woven quality cotton, because I need to change my sheets often and best quality sheets are most comfortable but also expensive.

Some aromatherapy: for fibromyalgia following oils are suggested: basil, lavender and rosemary; rose; citrus fruits, like lemon and orange; ginger

I would need some of these help grip gadgets.
Another helpful "gadget" is bed tray. Anything that makes that I don't need to carry the weight of things on me or with my hands.
Also, different massage things, from brushes and rollers to shiatsu seat etc.

Gel cooling eye mask - would be wonderful after all crying...
Also a nice box for tissue paper for my night stand. My eyes and nose run because of FM:

I think I'd like a Himalayan salt lamp...
Some air purifying plants would be nice, too, instead of flowers.
They also say that beeswax candles have nice effect, too

A pretty notebook and pen that glides easily on the paper - perhaps some sort of writing aid for easier grip on the pen?

Guess what? This made me cry...
I haven't even thought of the possibility. Freezer meals, so that I won't need to cook! Or have some baked stuff in my freezer so when I feel like cake or doughnuts or what not, I can go to my freezer and have it.

Cleaning help would be lovely. 
Also any help for getting my chores done, 
like help with shopping, bank business, doctor's appointments etc.

You know what would be great? You know how I always cancel dates and meetings? What about bringing the date to me? Check out the different "date night at home" ideas, there's tons of them, and most can be adjusted to "best friends" in stead of "lovers".

Fibromyalgia Tips, Tricks and Gadgets, to give you a hand :)
A really good list to give you more ideas :-)

Then to some things I would love but don't dare to ask.

It would be amazing to have a year's prepaid maid service, once a month or even once a week...
Even once would be a relief.

Oh, I would love this!
"feels like down" pillow - down feeling, but not the allergy 
I used to have these 50x90 down pillows which I LOVED.
I'd love to have those replaced.
And I love the pregnancy pillow which is as long as one's body twice, so that it feels like one is sleeping in someone's lap

Massage, alternative therapy session, Rosen therapy, Alexander therapy, any kind of physical therapy.
Also things like manicure, pedicure, face treatment...

 A small dishwasher so that I don't need to worry about doing the dishes

An air purifier to make it easier to breathe
A slow cooker so that I don't need to cook


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Summer's apartment from (500) Days of Summer

 This vignette to me is Summer... I can't believe that people think it's about the toile wallpaper and rose painting! The rose painting so obviously doesn't belong with the Magritte thing going on... 
This woman is quirky person who likes art and reading, and who reads good books.

This is the first wall we see of her apartment. Yes, white and toile. But also... something that looks like unpacked boxes by the entry. Stuff that looks like second hand finds.
And of all the things you can see on the table... some people picked the tree and the buddha.

Summer's dressing table - this is straight against the door. 
So the bathroom is either left from the door or on the corner right from the door, next to the kitchen.

This is the bed end. Accessory storage space.

"In the film, Summer (Zooey Deschanel) is a recent transplant, 
and still has a few boxes sitting unpacked in her apartment. 
She also has plenty of interesting, vintage artwork in ornate gold frames, some well-traveled knickknacks, and as you might expect from any good indie flick, some cool posters."

Er... "Ornate gold frames"? "Some cool posters"? 

Also, that was day 109. Day 1 was within a week from when she moved in. So there's boxes unpacked 3 months after she moved. To a studio apartment... 
Nah. People are too lazy. 
When I moved, the boxes were out within a week.