Friday, March 4, 2011

30 days of Ostara; Day 14

Bluebird Papercrafts have some absolutely amazing Easter crafts! She is also very generous and shares a lot of patterns and tutorials. Wonderful!

Make your own marshmallow peeps.
Here's the bunny, that can be used in a lot of different projects. Cut it out of felt and make bunny peep garlands, for example.
The chick peeps are a little different, they aren't cut but piped. You could make the sunflower cake. It's really cute. :-) (But I would make it a chocolate cake. I think chocolate frosting on yellow cake is cheating.)
Here's how to make them of felt.

Crochet pansies :-) Yes, it's a Turkish site, but the symbols are universal.
A cute pansy doily
I just love pansies... they are so happy flowers :-)

A rabbit gathering from German Brigitte magazine.
Here's how to make the rabbits for the mobile and here's how to make a mobile. Just replace the origami fish with bunnies :-)
Spagat also has free printable eggs and bunnies for a mobile

Cashmere bunny tutorial and spring mini tote to act as Ostara basket :-)

These macarons look so Ostara-y!


Henric C. Jensen said...

and then the bitch removed the pansy doily pattern!

Sorry darling <3

Ketutar said...

I suppose it's because she claims to own the copyright to the pattern, when in reality it's a vintage pattern, freely available on many sites online.