Friday, March 12, 2010

Portrait of a Crystal Child

She stands on the front yard, naked, relaxed and watches into the camera, seeing straight through the lens, into her uncle taking the video. She is a perfect priestess of Gaia, looks into the eyes of the one watching the video too, as if she knew I would be watching this video... She seems to know everything there is to know, is perfectly intune with everything and there is this mysterious aura on her... Priestess is the word I have in my mind, even though she is only 4. I would define it as "higher spirituality", if I believed in such things. Looking at her I know there is a deeper, spiritual meaning with life, me, everything... She is a living proof of that God exists :-)

In the photo she is 7. It is taken after summer, she is very brown, as she hates clothes and loves outdoors. She has just lost her front tooth and smiles this lovely, adorable smile of a child of 7 :-)
And see the eyes... hazel, but so clear and big... and even in the photo she looks straight into your soul.

She cannot wear a watch, because they stop working.

She is multitalented, and very much so.
She was drawing on the walls already at the age of 2, and her 6 years old sister got blamed for it, because her grandmother wouldn't believe a 2 years old child could draw that well.
She sings a lot, and has a nice voice, and an amazing ear for music. She says she has an inner radio channel that plays the music, and she can hear the songs, accompanies and different vocal ranges. She learned to play guitar, piano and recorder on herself. Her sense for rhythm is wonderful.
She loves to read out loud and animates the words so that it's a pleasure to just listen to her read. She is very good at reciting poems.
She is also mathematically talented, and learns languages easily. She is wonderful with words, plays with them and creates her own. Her logic is impeccable and she loves puzzles and problem solving. When she first heard the story of Alexander the Great and the Gordian knot, she got angry with Alexander, because she is confident that she would have been able to open the knot. I have no doubt of that she would :-D
Her sense of humor is wonderful too. She can giggle at her own jokes and at things others don't see anything to giggle about. She likes to laugh and people like to hear her laugh.
She has an excellent memory and loves information, facts and data. She reads fact books and sucks in the information like a sponge.

She is highly empathic. She cringes when someone else is hurt or even when the hurt is being described. She doesn't want to watch the news, because there is always someone hurting, and she feels with them.
She offers to do things she knows others are afraid or disgusted to do - she doesn't seem to have any fear of anything.
She is almost an adrenaline junkie, loves high places and speed, exploring things and trying out new things. She wants to be either an acrobat or an adventurer when she gets old. She yearns for experience, wants to experience the world, loves to travel and meet new people and see new cultures.
She makes friends easily and people like her. We use the word "high face coefficient", people who meet her think the best of her and she gets extra benefits, like rides the buss for free. She is a good listener and listens to all kinds of people. She doesn't avoid the homeless people or people who don't look like others, and people usually treat her with kindness and openness, tell her all kinds of stories. She smiles at everyone and they smile back at her. She gets her parents into trouble by inviting strangers she meets to her home... :-D

Sometimes bad things happen, she is bullied at school for being so good at everything and for being different, and she turns inside, her light disappears and she turns all grey. She doesn't like to talk about these things, she goes into her woods in stead, or disappears into the world of books. She loves books and libraries and bookstores. She dreams about being an author one day. I'm sure she will be :-)

She is a very kind and quiet child, easy going and people admire her good manners and gentle behavior. Her parents get praise for having raised her well, though they didn't need to do much. She was born that way, and would have the gentle manners even if she was raised by wolves in the jungle.
She doesn't have many friends that are the same age she is. She isn't interested in playing with dolls and "pretending", and the other children think she's a bit of a bore. Adults think she is marvelous, wise beyond her age, so calm and gentle compared to others and such a bright light, always happy, always friendly...

One thing she is not adventurous about is food though. She is extremely picky eater. She loves spicy food, but hates onion and garlick. She is very sensitive about the texture of food. She has a wonderful sense of taste, can easily recognize different cereals and whether pasta is made of wholegrain or not. She notices easily the difference of 3% milk and 1,5% milk. She loves cream. She uses colors when describing taste. "This food needs a bit more red" or "bit more green" she can say.

She is very sensual, has very good senses and loves the sensations.
She can smell the spring, because there is a scent of wet tree bark in the air. She can smell where the wind comes. She can smell the rain.

She loves colors, especially clear, bright and light colors, but also greys and browns. She can look at cloudy skies and talk about the wonderful colors she sees. Blues, pinks and purples... most people only see grey.

She is very picky when it comes to clothes. She doesn't like to wear any, but when she has to, they must be comfortable and beautiful. She refuses to wear anything that is tight, or itches, or is in any other way uncomfortable. It is a pain to go buy her new shoes, as there is something wrong with almost every pair she tries. This one is too narrow, this too wide, this chafes, this squeezes, that is just plain ugly. She has a very precise taste, she knows exactly what she likes and what she doesn't.

Unfortunately she also has the negative consequences of her hyposensitivity. She is allergic to animals, mites, dust and dirt, cannot play much with water and moist things, like doughs and clay, because she gets nasty, itchy rashes on her hands.
She likes water, loves to play with melting spring waters and mud, loves rain and swimming... she doesn't like to wash though.
It also makes it hard to comfort her when she is in pain. She cannot take the touch when she is feeling really angry or sad, and when in physical pain or sick, she must be touched with very light touch and very, very gently, as if with a feather. She isn't tickly, though. There is no middle way of the touch being ignored or being extremely painful.

She has a very high metabolism and her liver works extremely well, most of the medicine doesn't have any effect on her, because she passes it through her system so quickly. She cannot use normal pain killers, because they have no effect on her.

She converses with Mother Earth. She says she can hear "Her heartbeat", and how she gets stronger towards the Midsummer and weakens after. She can sense the seasons. She seems to need the time alone with Mother, wanders hours in the forest and Goddess only knows what she does there. She doesn't mind being alone, in times she seems to prefer that. She doesn't like doing things with others, she prefers doing them alone, at her own pace and the way she likes.

Meditation comes naturally to her. She "knows" things no-one has told her and seems to understand the spiritual world naturally. She has no problems in wandering between the different levels of conscience. She lives in constant connection with God, her Higher Self and other such concepts... so much so that she finds it hard to understand what others are talking about. The Oneness and unity with all living is so natural to her that she cannot understand that there are people to whom that is not the reality.
She is also a natural healer and communicates with animals.
She is also a born gardener. She loves pottering with the soil and plants. She is a treehugger and seems to communicate with the plants.
She also has a high physical intelligence and good balance. She balanced on the back of the armchair after seeing circus in television at the first time in her life, being about 4 or 5. She loves to run, she is always at awe by the simple functions of her body. She loves to run and feel her muscles work and her body to co-operate with the gravity. She is very body-sentious. She loves to dance, she loves the gymnastics, stretching and agility of yoga and she loves tai-chi.
She is aware of the energy around us and she is somewhat capable of manipulating this too. She thinks "magic" is normal state of nature.

I think she's a Crystal Child, but I don't know. What do you think?

"Egos love to be "offended"

... is what I see every day when I come to Gaia. 91 replies as I write this post... must be a good discussion, huh?

You see, I was accused only last week of offending someone... I was accused of intentionally going "out of my way" "just to offend".
The person saying this didn't get offended because her "ego" wanted to be offended.
The person felt offended, because something very dear and precious to her was being treated in a manner that felt disrespectful, belittleing, even ridiculing to her.
She didn't say she was offended because she is manipulative, power-crazy bitch, nor because she expected me to defend myself.
She said she was offended, because she was offended. She could see the offense clear as a day.
What she expected of me was to stop mocking something that is valuable to her.

Why didn't I?

My intention was not to offend her, attack her or to be disrespectful about something valuable to her. I was talking about something totally different, even saying something good about the thing that was valuable to her, but I used a word she finds disrespectful, offensive and ignorant. The word has a totally different value to me.

I think she is overreacting, reacting on a mere word, and I explained why I use that specific word, explained that no offense was intended, on the contrary, using the word she wants me to use is disrespectful, offensive and ignorant to others. This is the reason to why I started using the word in stead of the other, and the reason to why I will not change back to the word she wants me to use.

Also, in my mind "I am sorry I unintentionally offended you" should be enough.
I shouldn't be asked to change my vocabulary according to the personal sensibilities of one person in the crowd. I'm sorry, but if the word offends you, stay away from discussions where I am. Or learn to close your eyes, take a deep breath and jump over the word. I use normally several thousand words in my posts, and I would not have used this word again, had I not felt the need to explain to her why I use the word. Had she just jumped over the word, she wouldn't have needed to see it again.

Lastly, the word was not a necessary part of my post. The Cultivator could have jumped in and edited out the whole sentence, a third in a series of examples. I wouldn't have noticed anything and wouldn't have objected - I wouldn't have objected even if the Cultivator had asked me if it was ok to remove the sentence.
Changing the word from my choice to the other woman's preference would have been violating my freedom of expression, though, and that would not have been ok with me.

None of this is important, though. She was hurt. Something I said offended her, and the situation needed to be balanced.

Is a defense against accusation futile? Never! But, I'm a lawyer, not a psychiatrist, so I would naturally see the situation from a different point of view. From my point of view the accusation is not enough to make one a victim and the other a perpetrator. In my mind people are innocent until proven guilty, and if you accuse someone of something, you must also be able to prove them guilty, otherwise the accuser is the perpetrator and the accused the victim.
I have noticed, though, that especially in USA it is enough to accuse, insinuate and slander, for people to think your object is a villain :-D

I try to remember when I was offended... It's more "hurt"...
Worst case was when my husband was told not to talk about how stupid, egocentric mothers with brams irritates him, because he doesn't have children and won't, because his wife cannot get children. Oh God... even the memory hurts.
I have always wanted children. Some young actresses and singers who are pretty idiots being pregnant is offensive. That all kinds of idiots, people who believe you have to beat your kids for them to grow up as "good people", people who "teach" their children things by hurting them, people who would rather disown or kill their child than have a gay child or daughter who is unmarried teenaged mother, these people get kids. I don't.
Now, I'm 40 and the pain is disabling me more and more, so I couldn't take care of a small child as it is... and perhaps I would have given them all kinds of nasty hereditary problems. Nevertheless, I can't imagine I would be a worse mother than anyone else.
Then, the reason to why we don't have children is not in me... and my husband knows very well that I wanted kids and he couldn't give me them. Saying that thing to him was like spotting a fresh wound and someone just had to push their thumb straight into the wound and twist.
Thirdly, anyone has the right to express their opinion on anything, and no-one has right to tell another to shut up, because one lacks some imaginary experience. She would have told him to shut up, because he is a man, if we had kids.
All this makes it especially offensive.

Now, we have this "egos love to be "offended"... So now I am a bad person - because that is what "ego" means here in Gaia - because I have feelings? Oh dear...

(About a slightly different issue: I too hate mothers with brams. I have been au-pairing kids and been in town with a bram, and I know how to operate the bram to cause the least trouble to my environment. I also have the consideration and patience to allow my environment to accommodate me and my "obstacle", and to see I don't block the road. Many mothers seem to think they are God's gift to mankind and use the bram as if it was a bumper. I have been shoved around by mothers with brams, and 3/4 don't show any consideration when they take up the space in elevators, escalators and public transport. They don't thank you for holding the door open or helping them to lift the bram in the buss, on the contrary, they expect you to do that, and if you can't, you will be at least looked at as if you were worthless and mean, if not berated for not "thinking". :-Z I never did anything like that when I was in the traffic with bram, so I know they don't NEED to act like some effing queen bees.
I also know that my husband has the same experience I do...)

Gaia community is closing down

so I will be moving my posts from there to here. I hope someone finds something interesting :-)

Questions and Reflections:

What message does your highest self have for the world?

"The answer is not "love", it's "no fear"
"You already have all the answers."

How could you answer the question, "What do you do?"

Create my reality

"In a way there's more courage in staying put and finding the truth in dusty small boxes… because it is there. "

“There's a great freedom, isn't there, in knowing that you don't know?”

Are we there yet?

Yes. We are exactly where we are supposed to be.

What are your rules for life?

Oh my... too many to list here.
Too many "bad" rules, too many rules that limit instead of encourage... too many "good" ones I keep forgetting.
Also, they keep evolving. Some disappear, some new ones appear, some change, they marry each other and divorce and have children...
I should write a bible. :-D

What do you believe about astrology?

I believe astrology is a science that has a lot more to offer than can be quickly understood, but I don't believe stars and planets effect us in any way.
If nothing else, it is a very handy symbol language that can be used to explain psychological behavior models.

Do you read your horoscope?
If by "horoscope" you mean the 12 snippets in magazines and sites that tell you what happens to your sign this month - no, I don't. I think horoscopes are too vague and general to be worth anything.

What is your sign?
Aries Sun, Gemini Moon, Rising Libra...

Do you find many of that sign's traits within you?
Which one's? ;-> Yes, I do. My husband usually refers to me and our dog as the Aries kids. (His birthday is a week before mine)

What has been your experience with astrology?
Considering that I was about 10 when I started to study it, and within 5 years had learned to calculate charts and interpret them quite well, and now I'm 40 - my experience with astrology cannot be shared here. What I can say is that I know it "works". I don't know how, but it works.
I also believe there is a LOT MORE to learn and if I had been active with my astrology "hobby", I'd still wouldn't know more than 10% of everything there is to know.

What is your favorite sort of weather?

Stormy weather :-)

It has been "beautiful" days now almost a week, it's over 30 degrees celsius - in shadow - I feel like I am going into meltdown. Sun is too bright and hot, and I just seek into shadows together with my husband and my dog.

I don't like cold either. COOL is nice. Cool breezes, cool summer nights, high and bright cool spring and autumn days, cool, soft and "warm" winter days, when the temperature stays around 10-15 centigrades... That's very nice.

Rain is nice when it pours, and if you add some strong wind, lightnings and black and yellow clouds... GREAT! There is nothing better :-)

Now, I don't like it when storm kills people or destroys their lives, but I think tornadoes and hurricanes are beautiful. I like them anyway.

What are you waiting for?

The chores to go away... ;-)

What's the most beautiful little thing you've seen this week?

This week? A lot of beautiful little things
Among them the crocus coming up, saw them this morning walking the dog. They have planted crocus bulbs by the door and now they are budding. (Yes, I live in Sweden, we haven't come farther than that ;-))
Yesterday, walking the dog, I saw some coltsfoot flowers :-)
Last Thursday I saw the first butterfly of the year and it was yellow :-) A good, fun year waiting for me :-)
I picked some twigs in and now they are green, with tiny, beautiful leaves. Some of them has pussywillows :-)

Spring... filled with beautifu little flowers, leaves, butterflies, birds making nests and eggs, animal babies...

In what area of your life might you like someone to help you?

Right now it's my health. I'm in almost constant pain, and doctors cannot find any reason - I want them to try harder and not give up before they find the reason. I am tired of having pain and tired because I have pain...*sigh*

If you had all the time in the world what would you do?

but I HAVE all the time in the world!

Why is the room you're in arranged the way it is?

Things go where they get room and other things gather around as best fits.
It's a bit like the garden paths - one year they didn't "give" people paths - they just sow grass all over the place. The paths were there in the Autumn, as people had taken the best paths over the grass. Next year they were paved.

How can simplicity support aliveness?

by removing the distraction.

What in your life gives you the most satisfaction?

To fulfill my needs...
to sleep when one is really tired, to go to the toilet when one is really needy, to eat when one is really hungry, to bathe when one is really dirty...

What problem would you most like a solution for?

world peace

Are you playing enough in your life?

No... unfortunately not. I keep forgetting... I take the life too seriously and turn everything into a chore and task and job and work and obligation and duty and other boring stuff... So no wonder Ketutar is a dull girl LOL

In what areas of your life do you want to learn more?

My first response was "in any and every area!", but that is not true...

I want to learn more about magic. I want to learn more about my chosen lifestyle and spirituality. I want to learn about me and my magical talents and how to use them for the good of the world, my environment, my family, my friends... in the end, it's all the same, but I am a small circle girl and don't see myself as some kind of Savior of Humanity. :-D More as a wheel in the machinery among millions of others... we all have a place in the Universe and everything we do influence everything else...

I also want to learn more about baking and making desserts. ;-)

What new ideas are bubbling in you these days?

no new ideas, the old ones are maturing :-)

What would you like to commit to?


What is the difference between wants and needs?

eed is something I cannot live without.
Want is an inner mechanics to make us pursue what we have been born to do.

I believe our wants are personal and individual - we want what we are supposed to want - not everyone wants to be a writer, to have red hair, to have cats, to travel, to have a Jugend house with a HUGE library, in countryside, with a lovely, handsome fellow, with whom one can sit in the garden filled with flowers and wilderness and secrets and mystic and magic, and have a cream tea on Lomonosov tea set and white Battenburg lace cloth...
Some people want to have espresso in busy city with a lovely, handsome fellow, who has a lot of money, a real rolex, nice, fast car, busy timetable and a villa in Monaco.
Some people want to be that fellow.
Some people want to travel to India to meditate under a Bunyan tree and reach Nirvana.

Not me. It must mean something.

How has your life changed over the past 10 years?

Most certainly, and a lot.

What language do you speak most fluently?

My mothertongue.

What current transitions are you experiencing?

life ;-)
Entering Middle Ages :-D
Waiting for Menopause

When did you last speak in front of a group?

In school.

I don't find speaking in front of a group difficult, if I have a prepared "speech". I got "cured" from that fear in Highschool.

What topics do you tend to avoid?

Anything fanatics want to discuss.

Where have you found the most peace of mind?


What is the light like right now?

Light is always right, even when the darkness is right too :-)
There must be shadows and reflections in life for it to be perfect :-)
It's like in the NG ad - "sometimes we must fly to realize we belong on earth, sometimes we must bow down to realize when to stand up for what we believe in..."
sometimes bad things must happen for us to appreciate light :-)

What is happiness to you?


Being satisfied with what is here, now, seeing, counting and appreciating the blessings :-)

It's my 11th wedding day today, and I listen to my husband snoring here in bed beside me, and the dog is echoing him in the footend, and that makes me very happy :-)

When was the last time you were moved to tears?

A couple of days ago I started a thread called "Love, Peace and Understanding", and someone (you know who you are :-)) sent me an e-card, thanking me for it :-)
I had been a bit sad because it seemed no-one cared about the thread, and my efforts had gone unnoticed, but the message told me that it did matter :-)

Thank you, very much :-)
“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
- Howard Thurman
What's contributed most to who you are today?


What culture most interests you?


As I happened to see someone else's response to this, I realized that I need to define "culture" first.

I believe "culture" is something that "happens". When ever a group of people lives together, they get a culture. It doesn't come from "trying to act in a way that might please the government", but "what works best for the specific group".
Every now and then there are people born who doesn't feel comfortable in the group. Right wing parents get a child who thinks socialism is a great idea. Christian parents get a Pagan child. These people create a subculture - they take from the culture what they find good, and replace the bad bits with what they think is good. Like Protestants. They take the Bible, Jesus, God and a lot of dogmas from Catholicism, but put in own values.
Some subcultures grow bigger than the mother-culture, some subcultures take over and become main culture, some subcultures do this by leaving the mother-culture. This is how USA was founded.
Some "groups of people" are big, like countries, some are small, even to a handful of people, or just one. Many dying cultures are small, as they are dying because all the children decided to join another culture.
What is true, I think, is that there are no humans without culture. Even one person can create a subculture, and in a way not only "can", but does.
There are no two Pagans who define their culture the same way, even when a lot of their definition is the same, so in reality they both have their own subculture.

This is why I think answering "none" to this question, is either saying "I am not interested of my fellow human beings, nor myself" or "I don't understand the question".

What was the last museum you visited?

National Museum of Stockholm to see the Caspar David Friedrich exhibition

What book have you been wanting to read?

A lot of books.

I'm right now trying to understand this spiritual imperialism, so I'm reading Gary Zukav, Deepak Chopra, CIM, Donald Neale Walsh and such. Eckhard Tolle is a big candidate, and anything else presented in Oprah.

Very interesting to read this stuff, being an European Pagan and a witch, that is from outside... The silver threads of dance are so clearly visible to me, whereas the dancers don't seem to even notice... Fascinating.

Why ask the big questions?

Why not?
Ask every question, question everything :-) Curiosity is what made the humankind :-)

Has your personality changed over the years?

I don't think my personality has changed... just the way I express myself and how I behave.
I have learned to distrust, suspect and fear my fellow human beings, and therefore hide, cower and flee, but my personality is very much the same I remember it being.

What have you been thinking about this past week?

Not much - between Olympics and being ill there isn't much time nor interest to other things :-D

What are the qualities of graciousness?

Serenity, silence, kindness, generosity, self esteem

Who is the most important person in your life?

I am.
2. My husband, soulmate, best friend and life partner :-)

Then comes my family, friends, and the rest of the people of the world, according to closeness to me in the circle of life.
The more I meet people, the more important the are in my life.

What is your greatest enemy?

Optimism :-D

What do you need most in your life?

Life :-D

What was the last thing you celebrated?

Being Finnish :-)

Does living a simpler life appeal to you?


Who has been on your mind recently?

A lot of people. My family, my friends, people I appreciate, people I don't appreciate...

How has your life been different than what you imagined?

LOL very much so :-)

I wanted to become a mother.
I planned on getting the first child already 1988, and then continue until I have at least 7. I am the seventh child my self, so... 7th child of a 7th child... you know. ;-)

I wanted to be an acrobat, have a horse farm, be a gardener, be a pilot, be a soldier, be this and that, and nothing of it happened.

The Universal Laws

Commentary to

I find the Universal Laws rather amusing... I really don't agree with the most of them, and the "100 days reality challenge" is a quite good example of that these "laws" really aren't.
Here's some of them and the reasons why I don't "believe" in them.

It is said that "The best we can do is to perform our actions consciously, with good intentions, and leave the results or consequences up to Spirit or Divine Law." Such bull. One have to think before one does anything and nothing is excused by good intentions. The end does not sanctify the means, and never has been done as bad things as "with good intentions", "for the best of someone", for and of "love".

It is said that when ego tries to control the results, we won't get what we want - but what is "The Secret" anything else but letting ego control the results? What is the "100 days challenge" anything else but letting the ego control things? No-one puts on the list other things but things one oneself wants - what the ego wants. Self is not divided and we, individual human beings, ARE individuals. The individual existence is NOT an illusion, the existence is not an illusion, the world is not an illusion.

"To become free of the ego is not really a big job but a very small one. All you need to do is be aware of your thoughts and emotions - as they happen."
- Eckhard Tolle

MY thoughts, MY emotions - ME - ego.

"Man... ...cannot have a permanent and single I. His I changes as quickly as his thoughts, feelings, and moods, and he makes a profound mistake in considering himself always one and the same person; in reality he is always a different person, not the one he was a moment ago."
- G.I. Gurdjieff

Bull. I am one, one entity, one individual, one. I have many feelings, many thoughts, many moods, some opposite to each other, some supporting each other. I'm still just one. I have many experiences, I grow, I learn, I change my mind, and I am still one.

Might be that only a fool would stand in front of a moving train and demand that Spirit save him, and Spririt might save the fool. Might be that according to the physical laws, the train would destroy the animal body, but some times the physical laws are surpassed... ever heard of miracles? Miracles do happen, you know. Might be that the train stops in time. Might be that someone goes and saves the fool.
Was it the Spirit? Sure, it was... as we are all one, aren't we?
At the same time, it might have been the laws of Physics, the train wasn't moving too fast, the rails were dry and clean, there was something in between the train and the fool that stopped the train, the track wasn't straight, so even though the man was standing in front of the train 5 minutes ago, he was standing besides the rails, and the train would move pass him...
Never be so quick to draw conclusions, huh? Might be that the "fool" knows something you don't. :->

"testing God" is a very popular pasttime among religious people, and for some reason "God" always agrees to be tested, and manifests. For some reason, 9 out of 10 testers won't accept the test results :-D Testing God is nevertheless NOT controlling God. In that way "Ask and you will be given" is more a feeble effort to control God. What has not been prayed for during history... death and destruction, molten lava, brimstone and lightning... Asking God to work as my personal executioner, to work MY law. Yeah...

I find it amusing that people preaching the Universal Laws - Law of Attraction being one of them - are so against the Ego... it's all about ego, giving ME what I think I deserve, loving ME...

Law of Love

"It is in giving love, that we receive love"

I usually agree with dear Franciscus, but not this time. This "law" is designed to give people bad conscience for "not loving enough", and to create codependency. People are not meant to live in codependency but interdependency.
"Falling in love with someone" is an artificial existance. You can resist falling in love, you can choose whom you fall in love with. Loving someone is never reason enough to do anything.
No, God is not love. God is God. Love doesn't make the world go round, love doesn't conquer everything, love is not our "true nature"... In Judaism there's the Yetzer Hara and Yetser Hatov - the Good Inclination and the Bad Inclination... everything done with "bad" intentions, of "bad" reasons, because of hate, sorrow, anger, is not bad.
We don't love people because they are droplets of the Divine. Everyone is, but we don't love everyone. We love people, because these people have something to give we need.
Our true nature is egocentric, and love is the most egoistical emotion in the world - all about survival, the survival of the race, and the survival of one.

Of course one should be kind to others, but forget love. Love is an emotion and even though it can be commanded and controlled, its egoistic nature makes it unsuitable to be used as some sort of universal medicine.

Surrendering your ego to others is one of the vilest advices I've ever heard. You are a unique individual, a special entity, and your ego is precious. YOU are precious. What makes you YOU is important, wonderful, lovely, special, needed. You can't "surrender" your ego, you only end up in slavery of codependency, if you try.
Your relationship to YOU is the most important thing in the universe, more important than your relationship to God, to other people, your friends and your enemies, your family and your loved ones. YOU are the center of your universe, your raison d'etre, the light in your eyes, the song in your heart. You.
So love yourself with all your might and all your power, and be kind to others, so that they will stay around to give you what you need, do kind things to others so that they do to you what is sweet and not what is vile.
Remember, if you make yourself into a doormat, expect that people wipe their feet on you. If you make serving others your mission in life, expect to be treated as a servant. You are worth more than that. You are to be treated as a companion, a partner, an equal to each and everyone, so you should treat everyone as your companion, your partner, your equal. You wouldn't accept that your business partner treats you badly, and you shouldn't allow anyone else to treat you badly either. Love is always patient and kind, but we shouldn't be patient with people hurting other people. Love is never jealous, but jealousy tells us what we need. Love doesn't take offense, but getting offended tells us about our boundaries. Love is always ready to excuse, but not everything should be excused. Love is always ready to endure whatever comes, but sometimes it's time to put down the feet and to say "enough!" and "no!".

The Law of Karma

The law of cause and effect is a physical law, and to every cause there is an equal effect. Every action has a consequence and its nature has nothing to do with the nature of the action. Shooting someone with "good intentions" will damage the receiver, whether it is a wall or a person. Sometimes bad things happen to good people who don't "deserve" them. There is no karma. Karma is just a bad excuse for the inability to accept reality. You are supposed to reap what you sow, but who knows what you sow. Not every evil person get evil consequences from their actions. School yard bullies can have good friends, a good marriage and people crying at their funeral. It's only the people he bullied who hate him, who will poison their own lives with the hate and inability to forgive and move on. So far I have not met a bully who got what he deserved.

No... we shouldn't only think about the intentions but the results and the consequences, and we should take responsibility for our actions and choices. To leave it all to "The Spirit" and "Karma" is irresponsible.

The Law of Reincarnation

This is not a law. No-one knows what happens after we die. Some philosophies say we will be born again, some say we will just vanish, stop being, when we die. The one thing that we can be sure of is that everything has its time, everything living will die. The energy doesn't vanish anywhere, it just changes the form of existence: a body will rot, be eaten, become building material for other life forms, turn to soil and nourish plants... it will not become another human being. If everything is one, everything is energy, part of the Divine Energy, Spirit, then why should part of it be earmarked to be born again and again in the basically same form? Why would human souls be isolated from the natural flow of energy, where energy takes different forms and blends freely, yesterday it was 12 bees, today it's a rose, tomorrow it's a whale's eye... It doesn't make any sense that human souls would be different from every other form of energy.

I don't believe we are here to be "purified", "liberated" and "saved". I believe we are here to enjoy life, the world and materia. Angels are said to have no senses. We are to desire experiences and enjoyment. Human being is one - body, soul, mind, spirit, all one, unseparable, undividable. We shouldn't concentrate on the development of just one aspect of us, forget the body while developing the mind, forget the spirit while developing the body. To me ascesis in order to reach Nirvana, to deny the body and bodily needs and desires, to denounce the world, is sacrilice. Deny your body, deny the world, kill yourself. No, you can't, can you... because you need your body to live... and the same philosophy that tells you your body is ugly, dirty, disgusting and unwanted, tells you that getting rid of it is evil... hypocritical, that is. No, your body is amazing, beautiful, wonderful, a miracle. You should thank God everyday for being so kind to give you one, thank God for the miracle of life, all the little cells, muscles, organs, what not, that build your body, working so perfectly... feel how you breathe... enjoy your eyes with which you read this text... enjoy your capacity to read and collect more information, more inspiration, more experiences... Life, oh life! Ah!

The Law of Forgiveness

To be able to forgive has nothing to do with purifying oneself nor with "negative feelings". Actually, the so-called negative feelings are not that negative. They are just feelings. It is what you do with your feelings that can be negative or positive, not the feelings itself.
To be able to forgive is to be able to move on. Not forgiving gives the negative experience power over you. You will be wasting your energy, energy that could be used for something better. You could be giving yourself the things, experiences, sensations that you deserve.
One doesn't need to forgive anyone else but oneself. Most people don't even know they have hurt us in some way, most people who have hurt us don't give rat's ass of our forgiveness. But I do. I care a lot if I can forgive myself or not. Don't forgive the neighbor for killing your cat, forgive yourself for allowing your cat to be killed. Accept the fact that you cannot protect your cat 24/7, that your cat made its own decisions that lead it to be killed, get yourself a new cat and make sure it cannot get outside, or move away from the horrible person living next to you. Don't go forgiving him and loving him unconditionally, serving him, excusing him and enduring the bastard killing your other cats too. Learn from your experience, use your head and forgive yourself.

The Law of Abundance

Yeah... this one I believe in - sort of. I don't believe that the Universe manifests our thoughts, I believe that when we believe in something strong enough, we will be able to ignore the things that don't fit our vision, that we will be able to notice things that do fit our vision, that we will be more vigilant towards opportunities and more willing to interpret the reality to support our vision. If we concentrate of things that are good and beautiful, we will notice the good and beautiful things around us more easily, and ignore the bad and ugly. The bad and ugly will still be there, but our attitude has changed.
I once saw a documentary of the kidnapped girls of Kashmir and Tibet who end up as prostitutes in India. One of them, about 10, was PROUD of being so desired by the customers. She didn't think she was raped, lived in slavery, that she was the victim of trafficking, that she didn't have a future and that she was abused. She wouldn't have admitted any of those things being true, so in her reality these things WERE not true. A woman might live with an abusive husband no-one else sees anything desirable in, she thinks he's Prince Charming and is grateful for her "good husband" - so in her life her thoughts of having a good husband has manifested.

Poverty exists, sickness exists, death exists, wars exist, but if a person refuses to acknowledge these things as true, they don't "manifest" in her life. The world is full of people who don't even know there is a place called Israel. Israel's neighbors try desperately get it demanifested by refusing to acknowledge its existence, but there it is...

Law of Unification

Hmm... first, who knows. Secondly, we ARE unified in the one soul of the Great Spirit as it is. Everything IS one.

Law of Empowerment

As said. What I think of, I will see. What I expect, I will experience. This "power of will" is so strong that we indeed create our own reality - it doesn't mean that the reality we create would be the reality, it doesn't mean that just because I can see unicorns, anyone can see unicorns or that the unicorns exist.

"You can create what you want in life by by taking your attention away from the things you do not want and focusing on the positive things you do want". Yes - you will see what you want to see.

Law of Right Human Relations

"Right" human relations? This is actually not a "law". It's more a recommendation and common sense. Treat others with kindness and people will find it easier to respond with kindness. Smile and the world will smile back at you.

But - it is the first law of "the sequence of three major Laws and three Principles, as given by the Tibetan", so it's called a law.

April Fools' Day

I hate April Fools Day and practical jokes. I am afraid of them.

"A practical joke or prank is a stunt or trick to purposely make someone feel foolish or victimized, usually for humor."

Yeah... laughing AT people. Abusing people for laughs. What kind of people laugh at victims?
Needing to run to a telephone when there's no-one there, needing to run arrends that are not needed, needing to run in search of non-existant things, that's waste of time, that will make you only hot and angry and sad. Who laughs at that?
Getting your clothes dirty, getting your food destroyed, your property destroyed - that's not funny either.
Being lied to, cheated, tricked into doing things you don't want to do, that's disrespectful, dishonest, despicable.

Trickster God might be allowed to do things like that, but Trickster God do things like that to teach you something about yourself, to teach you to loosen up, not to take things so seriously, and Trickster God actually keep it private... it is YOUR lesson. The purpose is not to humiliate you and make you the joke of the day and the prankster the "hero" of the day - which is the exact purpose of practical jokes. You see, it's nothing but a form of bullying, an especially vicious form - you see, if you protest, you "don't have a sense of humor"... Don't believe me? Usually the one pranking gets really angry when people make him the butt of the joke. You see, the practical jokes are the joker's way of telling you and everyone that HE is really smart and YOU are not. He is the one who makes everyone laugh, you are the one everyone laughs at.

(Yes, I am aware that these bullies will try to justify their abuse by saying that they too are just trying to teach you to not to take things too seriously, but the difference is that human beings are not Gods nor therapeuts, and cannot know enough to decide whether you really need to loosen up and if that is the way to do it. 99% of the time it is NOT the way to do it, on the contrary, "harmless" jokes like this make things worse and can drive a person to harm someone. Just look at Carrie.)

I like the tarot card "Fool" though and I believe this Fool has a lot to teach to people. To let go. To do things backwards, upside down, inside out. I think we should turn the April Fools' Day from trying to make fools of other into trying to make fools of ourselves.

The difference that makes all the difference is whether you choose or not. Your free will must be respected, you have to be the Fool of your own choice. If you are made a fool by other people, you probably won't learn anything worth learning, but if you make a fool of yourself, you will learn valuable things.

Wear your clothes upside down, inside out, pants on your head, mittens on your feet, socks on your ears. Borrow each others' clothes, crossdress, wear too small or too big clothes. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes. Wear clothes you have always wanted to wear but never dared. Have a day of dressing dangerously.

Eat backwards too. Eat cake to breakfast, eat the dessert first and main course then, eat "baby food", comfort food, play with the food. Make food that looks like something else. Make blue food. Eat food you have never eaten before. Eat under the table. Have a picknick on the living room floor. Eat with chopsticks or with fingers or with using only a fork.

Do exactly the opposite than what you are used to do. If you always take the left side of the street to work, take now the right side. Walk through the park in stead of taking the buss. Go to the park to feed ducks and squirrels on your lunch hour, if you don't usually do that.

Even in thinking, have an "opposition" day. When you think "I'm ugly, stupid, worthless", tell yourself: "No, I'm beautiful! I am smart! I am valuable!" When you think "I can't afford that" tell yourself "No, that is not true, I CAN afford that and I AM worth that!" When you think "I would like to go, but I don't dare... it's dangerous, it's silly, it's ridiculous", tell yourself "I want to go, so I go. I dare, there's nothing to be afraid of. It's fun!"

Do all the things you haven't dared to do because you are afraid someone might laugh at you, someone might think you are ridiculous, someone might think you are stupid. You are the Fool today, you are FUNNY, not ridiculous or stupid. People are supposed to laugh at you, you MAKE them laugh. You will inspire them to laugh and to dare.

You could also send jokes to everyone you know. If you don't know their email address, you can send a postcard. Don't send a postcard with something "funny" in it, like springs, snaps and itching powder, but with someting funny in it, like jokes or a funny picture.

You know you can't be afraid when you laugh, don't you?
Do you also know that the measurement of your freedom is if you are afraid when you laugh, or if you laugh when you are afraid?

- Shrine of the Sacred Fool at Gaia Community :-)
- The Spirituality and Politics of Holy Folly
- Holy Fools
- Shusaku Endo: Wonderful Fool

The Secret and "Occult Science"

Rabbi Rami Shapiro wrote a warning about The Secret - joining a large group of people who warn about it due to the "blame the victim" mentality, which is saddeningly usual among "New Age" people. A person calling himself "Junani" responded.

I don't think Rabbi Rami did anything good by bringing in physics, magnets and Coulomb's Law. The Law of Attraction is, as Junani says - and as Rhonda Byrnes says - an "old" idea. Nevertheless, these "ancient occult laws" are not very old. Junani refers to two books, both available free on-line.
Kybalion is written 1912 and Science of Mind 1926.

The Religious Science, New Thought, Golden Dawn, Theosophy and Antroposophy, and all the other similar ideologies, movements or philosophies - what ever you wish to call them - are heavily influenced by New Age thinking and the modern New Age is heavily influenced by them. It is not a big mistake to mix the concepts, if it is a mistake at all. All of this comes from the same root - Western understanding of especially Indian philosophies through the 18th century European "esoterism". All of this was born in the 19th century and defined during the first decades of 20th century, by mostly self-taught and charismatic people like Alistair Crowley, Helena Blavatsky and Ernest Holmes. It is on this base the spiritual movements of 60's and 70's lay.

I think it's all a lot of mumbojumbo, created by people with a deep wish to find something, but no humility or patience to actually LISTEN to the "ancient wisdom". True ancient wisdom won't make you rich and famous. Most people in the Western World know what The Secret is, but rabbi Rami's book, The Sacred Art of Lovingkindness, is generally ignored. It is not "mysterious" and "occult" enough. I haven't read it but I suppose it might ask you to stop thinking about yourself and what you want, and start doing things to make this world a nicer place.

Ernest Holmes, NOT A DR, was about 40 and had "studied the main religious traditions of the West and East" by himself. Being charismatic and an excellent speaker, his thoughts and ideas SOUNDED good. It doesn't mean that they ARE good. Being only 40 and self-taught means that one probably have misunderstood most of the things through the memes and filters one collects during one's lifetime. So - I'm sorry, if you idolize Ernest Holmes, but I wouldn't use his word to prove anything.

The Law of Attraction, as presented in The Secret, works like this: you want something, you express the wish loud and clear, BELIEVE and accept it when it arrives. "Ask and you will be given". Ask and believe, nothing else. Yes, wishcraft, just as if one was using the Universe as a giant genie. Even though the people who get what they desire get it through change of attitude and hard work, this part is never mentioned in the witness accounts, or presented as secondary to the ACTUAL work of wishing and believing.

To "mentally embody" is to visualize, form an image of something in our mind, to THINK about something. Whether the wish is "trained" thought or not, it is stil a wish.

"Metaphysical" is the same as abstract or imaginary - a fantasy. Of course people who have problems with "metaphysical laws" have problems with them simply because they ARE metaphysical - pure fantasy. There are no "metaphysical laws". It's not that "they don't understand" or that "it takes years of study to understand" and other such pompous bull. It is that people waste time, effort and money in studying magickal fantasy of houlabaloubaland, getting disappointed and disillusioned and loosing their faith in real magic, becoming sad and cynical. All these metaphysical pseudosciences do is dissect fairies.

"[New Thought] is not “new” so much as “higher” thought because a definite discipline/practice is required to use it with intention – the difference between ballet and dancing once in a while for fun."
I'm sorry but saying things like this makes me want to puke. Pompous and overbearing words that mean nothing.

Rabbi Rami says "If you want love, act lovingly; if you want justice, do justly. This is the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi: be the change you want to see".
This is not the same as karma. People who are "callous, narcissistic, brutal or cruel" don't get that back from the world, because the world is being itself. Some people are nice and they are nice to all, to people who are nice and people who are not nice. Some people are gentle, some people are rude, some people are considerate, some are not. Some people are horrible to some people, but nice to some others. If you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no-one. Being kind, gentle, loving and caring to everyone doesn't reward you by the world being kind, gentle, loving and caring to you. Probably a couple more people love you than someone who is unkind, rude, cruel and arrogant, but there will always be people who don't like you and who will treat you badly. If you expect everyone to be nice to you, because you have PAID for it by being nice, you will be disappointed. You are to be kind to people because you don't know their stories and everyone deserves kindness, not to earn some karma points or to be a good person.
Bad things HAPPEN to good people, because WE DO NOT EARN WHAT HAPPENS TO US. WE DO NOT ATTRACT WHAT HAPPENS. WHAT HAPPENS IS NOT CONSEQUENCES OF OUR THOUGHTS, FEARS OR SINS. It just happens. Some of it IS consequences of our ACTIONS, most of it is consequences of someone else's actions. When someone's mother rapes him when he's 6, he is not responsible of it IN ANY WAY. He didn't attract it to him, he didn't fear it into existence, he didn't seduce his mother, it wasn't a punishment of him being a pedofile in his previous life or because he stole a bubblegum from the store a week before. It happened BECAUSE HIS MOTHER DID IT. A spiritual truth must be truth in all instances. If the Law of Attraction only works for adults or learneth experts, it is not a law.
I believe "bad things happen to good people", because the "good" people are not good and the "bad" things are not bad. These kinds of value words are only in our attitude. If we think something is bad, we think it's bad. Nothing is good or bad by essence. To some people death is a relief and a blessing. To some people breaking a leg is a blessing. To some people getting sick is a relief. Some people think earthquakes and tornados that destroy the whole village is a good thing. It all depends on how one looks at the thing. Change the perspective and you change the world.
This is also why the scientists think that you affect the RESULTS of the research. You don't affect what has happened, you affect YOUR PERCEPTION of it. What has happened has happened, but you can influence your thoughts about it.
This is the "secret" in The Secret, but it really isn't presented that way. It IS presented very much the way Rabbi Rami understood it.

Junani says that he has "studied metaphysics as a Religious Scientist and before that other New Thought areas for nearly thirty years". So, he should know what The Law of Attraction is. What does he say it is?
“Ask and it shall be given;” “Knock and the door will door open;” “It is done unto you as you believe.” That’s the Law of Attraction.
Ask and it shall be given - express your wish and the genie-Universe delivers it to you.
Junani also says "And yes, we are responsible for the bad stuff in our lives". "If and when I realize that I am causing the bad stuff to come/happen to me, then maybe I can change and make good stuff come/happen to me." The problem with this is that WE CAN NOT AFFECT OTHER PEOPLE NOR THE NATURE. We cannot stop people from raping us, robbing us, abusing us by believing that we deserve to be in peace. We cannot stop earthquakes, tornadoes or viruses by believing we deserve something better. The only thing "realizing I have caused the bad stuff to come to me" will result is guilt, shame, helplessness and bad conscience. To be able to move away from a high crime area, earthquake area or storm area, I have to accept that there are areas like that where crime, earthquakes and storms are more common than in other areas. It's better that I wash my hands more often, than that I believe I'll be healthy.

The fact that prayer, hope and positive thinking has a positive effect in health, to the extend that it sometimes makes the difference between death and life, or recovery and permanent disability, is something totally different than the idea of that you can heal yourself with your thoughts or that we are responsible for being sick.
Caring about your health, actively working to keep your health, isn't the same as attracting health. People who read "Spirituality and Health" are not all in perfect health. Some people who claim to be healthy are not. There is a story of an old farmer who claimed all his life that he hadn't ever been sick. The autopsy revealed that he had had several heart attacks and strokes and other less serious health problems. If I remember correctly, he had broken ribs too. Sure, you can ignore and you can believe you are ok, and if you really, truly believe, your death will be a surprise even to you. It might have been better to go to the doctor and find out you have cancer before it kills you. It might have been better to let your family know that you have a terminal illness so they can prepare and say good bye. It might also be easier to accept that you are sick if you don't blame yourself of it.

Dr. Francis Collins said that human behavior isn't hard-wired in our genome, but is due to the "memes". He didn't say nor mean that we "affect our genetic make-up by our attitudes, beliefs and environment"!

In what way was Jesus or Mohammed "great spiritual master"? Mohammed had sex with his 9 years old wife and that you call "serving by example"? Jesus had a temper tantrum in the temple and then cursed a fig tree because it didn't have any fruits out of season... Really great examples. "A few months after the farewell pilgrimage, Muhammad fell ill and suffered for several days with head pain and weakness, then he died". So - we can heal ourselves as Muhammed... Sure, Junani.

Yes, this is woo-woo and most people will go away and do something sensible with their lives, but others will come to The Esoteric and Occult Secrets, believing to be just the "mentally disciplined" and "informed" superhumans to whom everything is possible, and to whom, even after 30 years of study, rockhard belief and all the promises from the snake-oil seller, "bad things" will happen.

"As you say, there is no way to simply wish for what we want, so if The Secret gives people hope or new direction, what’s the harm?"
Ok, read Rabbi Rami's post again. Might be that it works miracles in the lifes of people who are "mentally disciplined" and "informed" superhumans, but 99% of the humanity are just normal human beings who work exactly the way Rabbi Rami explains. For these people the hope is false and the new direction leads straight to perdition. As Rabbi Rami said, The Secret does not give people hope or new direction, but greed, egocentrism, false understanding of how the world works, indifference, lack of compassion and bad self esteem. Both the book and the movie talk a lot about all the things one can get, houses, cars, money, love, health, eternal life and perfect body. If you don't you do it wrong. It's your fault that your life isn't perfect and filled with all material good you can imagine. You don't believe enough, you don't do it right, you are sabotaging your own success by attracting bad things into your life with your subconscious fears.

Why "Usona"?

Someone told me that that is the Esperanto name to USA. That is not why I use it. It was suggested that USA starts using the full abbreviation of its name when United South Africa was born, so that these two USAs could be separated. Usona simply means "United States Of North America", which is what USA is.
The name Usonians come from this abbreviation, and is not a reference to Frank Lloyd Wright. It means "a person whose home country is the United States Of North America". Now, if you find that offensive, there is a possibility for you to move out from Usona and get yourself another nationality.

The continent was named - as most people know - after Amerigo Vespucci, who proved that Americas are an independent continent, and not part of Asia.
Now, as most people also know, he wasn't the first to find America, nor Columbus, nor Leif the viking, but the forefathers of Native Americans, which makes the name of the continent a rather typical show of European arrogance.
In fact, we don't talk about "Native Europeans", because we are fully aware of the vast differences of the different nations that can be called "Native Europeans". In my mind the name "Native Americans" is about as offensive, ignorant and arrogant as "Indians".

There is a theory going around though, claiming that Amerigo was born Alberigo, and took the name to honor the new continent. Obviously there is an area and tribe in Nicaragua called Amerrigue, and the new European invaders started using the word to signify the rich new world.
Amerigo is a real name, the Italian form of the name Amalric, existing already in the first millennium, so I don't believe in that theory.

Nevertheless, the "new" continent was named after Amerigo, by a young, German cartographer, in 1507.
Here's his map, the first map to mention America. As you can see, the name is not placed on Northern America, but Southern America. There isn't much of Northern America to speak of.
One antique map shows the continent labelled "North America or Mexicana" and "South America or Peruana".

Then there is the other story: The New land was know as America in Bristol before 1500... it is believed that John Cabot, the person who "discovered" North America, named the land he found to honor the person who gave him the money to sail over Atlantic; Richard Ameryk. Now, as interesting as this theory sounds, there is no evidence of this.

What ever is the reason of calling the continent America, it was called that in 17th century when the first British colonies were created. They were, naturally, called "American colonies" in UK, and when these colonies fought for their independence in late 18th century, they were so used to think of themselves as "American", so they named themselves "United States of America".

India used to mean the whole South-Eastern Asia, which is why we have "East Indies", "West Indies" and "Indochine". It comes from the word Sind, which means "water" and is the name of the river known as Indus (Greek form of the Sanskrit Sindhu). Indus is mainly in the country called Pakistan today, and India itself recognizes the name "Bharat", but we know it by its British name, India, which comes from "British Indian colonies".

Calling Usonians Americans is purely Anglo-chauvinism, so it's no wonder Canadians have no objections to calling Usonians Americans :-> Most countries South from USA have objections, but the anglo-chauvinists simply nullify this saying "they are South-Americans". In Spanish the word "America" means the continent, North and South America as one continent, as it has been known in the most of the world since the European discovery of it. North, South and Central America are seen as subcontinents to the one continent of America.
(This is clearly visible in the Olympic flag, on which there are only five rings, and as far as I know, there has been no objections to this. The olympic flag is only 95 years old.)

Now, most people objecting to calling USAns anything but Americans say:
1) people are stupid if they question this, because Usonians have been called Americans for a very long time
2) USA is the only country in Americas with a name that includes America, and we call also the people from "People's Republic of China" Chinese and not PRCians or People's Republicans and people from RSA South Africans and not RSAns or Republicans.
3) USA is in the middle of Americas, between North America and South America, and therefore deserves the name America.

One must know the reason to why we use a certain name of things. That using the word N-- of a black person, is obviously wrong today, even though it was totally acceptable and in common use only 100 years ago. The N-word is actually younger than using the word "American" of only Usonians.
Now, we call Usonians Americans, because the area that became USA was known as the British American colonies. Other European countries had American colonies as well, but only the British American colonies kept the name after they became independent. Keeping the names the invaders, occupiers and imperialistic colonialists gave to places is justifying and supporting the invasion, occupation and imperialistic colonialism, so of course the Usonians would keep the name, as they are the invaders, occupiers and colonialists.
We shouldn't call Uluru Ayers Rock.
We shouldn't call a Native American woman a squaw, unless we are talking with Algonquians.
And we shouldn't call USA America.

And people from Dominican Republic are not called "American Republicans" even when that is the only American country with that word in it's name. The Usonians would even say that "American Republican" means only a Usonian who is a member of the Republican party of the United States.
No, we call the Dominicans Dominicans, even though it is not clear if we are talking about the citizens of Dominica or Dominican Republic. Now, if we talk about "Dominican American", we are not talking about Dominicans but Usonians with roots in Dominican Republic! By the same "logic" any Cuban isn't "Cuban American", only the Usonians with Cuban roots are.
And one Usonian asked me to use the word "American" when talking about Usonians, so as NOT TO CONFUSE THE USONIANS! ROTFLMAO

USA is not in the middle of Americas. If you think it is, it's just evidence of that you are extremely ignorant, self-centered and chauvinist.

So, no I am not going to use the word "American" of Usonians, and I am going to do my best to encourage others to use the word Usonian as well, because in my mind using the word "American" of only Usonians is offensive and chauvinist.
If Usonians get offended, in my mind, it is they who need to change, and they who have problems with their values and attitudes.

Some sources
The Naming of America
Several discussions in different forums

Pet peeves

One of my peeves is "Kabbalah". Not the Jewish thing, but the Western esoteric version. In my mind it should be called "Paradosi".
Talk about Esoteric Kabbalah and I will blow my top off and you will hear my opinion.

Another one is Christian arrogance.
I'm not talking about normal, ordinary Christians. I have nothing against Christianity or their beliefs, and in my mind Christianity is as good/bad as any other religion in this world, non spiritual -isms included. (Yes, to some people Atheism, Marxism-Leninism or Zionism is a religion, and they behave as any other religious fanatic.) No, I'm talking about the people who say extremely offensive and abusive things with the sugar dripping sanctimonious smile on their lips, and when you confront them, they start calling you all kinds of things, but will not respond to your points :-> I have been called Christian-basher and troll, among others, and even here at Gaia :-D So much for your spirituality.
Really, if your faith cannot be questioned, it's a weak one. On the other hand, maybe you are a spiritually weak person, and would not be stronger in any "conviction" - because in reality you have none, nor faith. What you have is a lot of arrogance, pride, ignorance and attitude.
I know it's totally futile to talk with people like this, but they irritate the heck off me. They too would hear my opinion, if they bothered reading.
One thing in common with these people is that they say I'm "trying" to intimidate them :-D What I say is that I succeed. >:->
For some reason, the people with true conviction, faith, patience and wisdom are never intimidated by me. 0:-)

Third thing is USonians... Now, again, I'm not talking about the ordinary people, but the national chauvinists.
It could be because USA is one of the biggest, strongest, richest and most powerful nations, so their national chauvinism gets worse consequences than others'.
It's also that USA is one of the most ignorant countries in the world. I don't mean ignorant as stupid, but ignorant as unaware of facts... nowhere in the world exists such rich ground of pseudoscience, conspiracy theories and... what to call it... subjective education, I suppose, as in USA. I mean, one cannot even trust the news agencies! This one reports only news that are supportive to this opinion, political leaning, religion, inclination, school of thought, orientation, adherence... everything is tilted and angled to fit a group of people. To get some sort of neutral, balanced idea of what the news actually are, one needs to read a dozen different newspapers and then look at the general opinion expressed in different blogs. Or go to an European news agency :-> A Finn living in Washington D.C. said that the information is there, and that there are some neutral and balanced sources of news, but they are very small and fringy - one need to know where to look and want to go finding them, and the majority doesn't bother. You read what you have always read - the newspaper that confirms your attitudes and opinions - you watch the channel you have always watched.

A couple of years ago, quite a horrific thing happened. I was watching the USonian news on CNN, to keep me updated with the world, and got to see how an aeroplane flew straight into WTC. I called my husband, who was in the library using the internet at the time (we couldn't afford a computer at that time, nor internet) to ask him to find out more information about that. He didn't understand what I was saying, who would have, and understood what had happened only after coming back home and seeing it with his own eyes. I kept following the news the whole day, and the next and next, different channels, text tv, newspapers... When I got to internet, I immediately contacted all my USonian friends asking if everyone was ok, if there was anything I could do, and everything, all over the world was about New York, USA and what had happened. People were sending their sympathy and offering any help they could, supporting and comforting their USonian friends, USonian embassies all over the world were lit with candles people were bringing there...

Then, as far as I understand, a Canadian journalist wrote a little sarcastic comment or poem, or what one could call it, about how no-one came to US's aid in their time of need, even though US goes to help everyone, and all USonians took it and ran with it... suddenly in every debate forum and blog USonians were complaining about how no-one cares of them, even though they are so generous and loving and caring and helpful and what not. It was like a cold shower.
Here we, everyone, the whole world, even Muslim countries, were offering our condoleances, support, comfort and aid, and IT DIDN'T MATTER.
Those damned people didn't even bother noticing how we had come running to their side.
After that I don't much care what happens to the USonians. Why would I? They don't care one bit about me or the rest of the world, and what we do or not do.

Unless, of course, one of us happens to say or do something that can be taken as negative. Then it's all "Why do they hate us, even when we are so generous and loving and caring and helpful and what not!"
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, huh? No, I don't hate you because you are beautiful, because you are not. You are ugly, stingy, hateful, selfish, ruthless, arrogant and ignorant, and I don't like you.
Come down from your pedestal and act like people, then we can discuss.