Sunday, October 14, 2012


I have been playing with scrapbooking today.
I can't get it to work. Hrmph.

On brown paper strips of scrapbooking paper or wrapping paper or what ever paper you want with right colors. You could paint your own paper... I happen to like those sort of vintage-y prints, that are really difficult to copy oneself. :-D
On the first, the photo (grey area) is clued on a tag that has been cut (or papered with) scrapbooking paper, on the second the journal area is on the tag. First one has ribbon, second string... I like the string, but it's not working... I perhaps need to use more of it. A lot more. All over the place.
On the second the scrapbooking paper has been torn to add some interest - doesn't give enough interest. I suppose I need to rip the lower piece of paper too. Or the white (whitish) paper...
Then there's some wrinkled red tissue paper added.
I suppose the proportions are all wrong. The picture needs to be bigger... like 150 % bigger.
And I want more buttons. Different buttons.
And maybe the "Merry Yule! stamp on the other one too, to cut a bit of the red sea.


A work in process.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


I also wonder if they understand what "tribune" means.

I hate this.
Goddess is not a woman. Goddess is Goddess.
What's wrong with being a woman? Calling women "goddesses" is diminishing both the Goddess and the woman. It's saying the divine Goddess doesn't exist, because every woman is a goddess. It's saying being a woman is not enough. Why would anyone want to be called a goddess and get the expectation of being perfect, superhuman and somehow better than all the other women on this planet.

I am no goddess. I am a woman. I am a woman, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER WOMAN ON THIS PLANET. Not better, not worse, created by the True Goddess, the One and Only, beloved by the True Goddess, the One and Only.

I don't have unlimited capacity to make my life anything I want it to be.
My capacity is limited by me being a human being, it's limited by me needing to share it with other human beings who have their own ideas and preferences. I can choose the people I want to share my life with, but every person in my life more than me, comes with limitations. I cannot, I shouldn't try to control my environment and the people in my life.
Right now I'm thinking about my fibromyalgia, which makes it practically impossible for me to do certain things I'd like to do.
I'm thinking about the fact that I am childless, even when I don't want to be. I trust Goddess to know best what is best for me, and I hope one day I will have wisdom enough to truly accept Her decision.
I'm thinking about the fact that I fell in love with a man who doesn't want me - because he already has a woman... and I ALREADY HAVE A MAN - whom I adore! I mean... I would be causing a lot of harm to FOUR PEOPLE if I went by what *I* WANT. I want him. I want him so bad it hurts. I want my life to be with him, I want... No. NO! My life is with my husband, who is absolutely perfect for me. My Goddess given husband.

No. This is offensive, not empowering. It's enslaving by praise and flattery. It's putting impossible, unfair and unreasonable expectations on people.

And the thing is that even though I love Selina Fenech, because they use this image to illustrate this stupidity, I find all kinds of faults in this image. My biggest problem is "why the heck do they always have to be so f-ing skinny!"
Perfection, perfection, perfection... nothing else is good enough... and no woman is ever perfect, which makes us never good enough.