Friday, November 26, 2010

Stinking hate troll

Someone posted one of these "Truth about Halloween" posts at Polyvore.
(I have written a longer post about the truth about "the truth" about Halloween)
I commented telling her that it is not "the truth", and quoted a couple of fitting passages from the Bible, but she didn't do anything.
I flagged the post as hate message.
Nothing happened.
I made the set above and posted it to Polyvore's complaint group, with this text

Dear Polyvore,

I love Polyvore, but I am really not comfortable with hate mongers who hide behind "freedom of expression" when they spout their poison. I would really like to be in Polyvore without trolls and flamers who start crusades against freedom of religion and religious tolerance, especially some members of a certain religious group who target Pagans.

If you refuse to remove such attacks on truth, tolerance, peaceful co-existence and decency as for example the so called "truth about halloween", I might believe I am fully entitled to express my opinion about certain people CALLING themselves followers of a certain person long since dead, and publish the truth about their beliefs and traditions, like human worship, belief in human sacrifice and eating human flesh and blood. As in "it's ok as long as you call the human God" :-)  

I might feel entitled to express such opinions like "Jews follow God, some people follow a dead Jew". Or "Certain people don't believe in maths - after all, they claim 1+1+1=1". I think you get the picture.

What irks me most with these people is that they claim the "Golden Rule" to be "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". If you judged by their actions, you'd think they must wish people claim nasty things about them, their religion, beliefs and gods, totally in spite of whether these things are true or not, stubbornly staying by their claims even when corrected and asked to stop, but if you did that to them, they'd start screaming about "X bashing". I call that hypocritical.

Are you hypocritical, Polyvore?

Guess what happened? The "truth about halloween" set was deleted - don't know by whom, but I think it was Polyvore, because the creator was in her Christian group telling people to go and flag my set, because "witches and pagans" don't like about the truth being told... :->
I received some pretty interested comments to the set, telling me among other things that burning Bibles is extremely hateful and so on and so forth. (I suppose they don't think burning Qurans is anything to care about... At least I read no Christian opposing the pastor's intentions this summer...)
I responded by telling that the troll in the picture is the one who made the hate-set NAMING Pagans, and as I am a Pagan, she named ME and accused ME of things I do not do, things no Pagan I know does, things that weren't even true thousands of years ago. That it is SHE who is burning the Bible, God who is love and religious tolerance in the flames of her "crusade", SHE who leaves a path of blood and stinking smoke of everything that is good and holy behind her... That Jesus won't protect hypocritical trolls who say it's okay to lie about the practices of non-Christians, but not about the practices of Christians... and I said I hope the troll can warm by the light of her torch flames, when she huddles outside the Wedding...

I don't know what happened, because this morning when I was going to delete this set - it was a response to her hate set, and I really don't want to discuss my beliefs on someone else's religion, just as little as I want others discuss what they believe to be my beliefs, and as her set was down, it was only fair that mine would go down too.
I found an apology in my message box. I take it as a sincere apology and I responded to her, telling her that I have taken the set down, and that I understand this means a lot to her, and said that it is fine to tell people Halloween is a Pagan tradition and as such something Christians shouldn't participate in, but that should be enough. She doesn't need to paint it with soot and blood, and us Pagans too, to make the point.

A friend of mine celebrates only Sundays, because she says she is not Jewish, so she cannot celebrate the Jewish feasts, and she is not Pagan, so she cannot celebrate the Pagan feasts. The Sundays in her home are lovely. She truly has "Christmas the year around", once a week :-)

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The Golden Eagle said...

They things people do when they're online. I agree--it would be nice to be able to be on a site without being offended by its content.