Tuesday, April 3, 2012

#10 Fun and Frugal Family Tradition for Spring Equinox

You could pot an orange tree or lemon tree and use that as your spring- and summertime holiday tree.

Hang up the decoration in the tree already a month before the holiday with fairylights, and have a family gathering under the tree each night before the Holiday.

You can have a sleep-over under the tree.

You can have movie nights under the tree.

You can wrap season appropriate books under the tree and open one every night and read it out loud. (If you can't find a book to fit your purposes, write and illustrate one, with the whole family.)

You can have a "camp fire" and sing-a-long under the tree.

You could also tell stories about your own childhood and the family traditions there. (And if you are unfortunate enough not to have any good memories to share, share someone else's memories and stories you have read, stories that inspired you to create new memories for your own family. Do this even when you have good memories :-D)

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