Friday, August 31, 2012

Apparently I'm a "comment shit-starter"

You see, I comment. I comment when I read something that makes me want to respond, say something, share my opinion... I comment when I want to correct an erroneous fact. I comment when I want to offer my advice, whether it is needed or not. I comment when I believe my words could help someone think differently of the things I see as a problem of theirs. I comment quite a lot.

I like comments. I don't care whether the comments are positive or negative. I like them, because they show that someone has read my blog post and I write blog posts because I want someone to read them. (Come on, everyone, who writes public blogs, does.) Besides, the "negative" comments are great conversation starters. If the person commenting just cares to stay for a conversation, we usually move on both the wiser. We have learned something from it.

Now, I don't like the hit-and-runners, nor do I like the whiny bitches who delete the comments that don't suit them. Cowards, both of them.

Now - there are these people who really don't want anyone to comment with anything they don't like to hear. You may not say that, of course, because it's a nasty quality in a person. They understand that much, but don't quite understand how it connects to them... :-D

There was a blog project, and I was being a "good girl" - according to my standards - so I visited all the other blogs and if someone had said something I wanted to comment, I did.
Now, some of the people whose posts I commented went to the project organizer to whine about what a horrible person I am. The project organizer called me "comment shit-starter".

Now, I didn't know what a shit-starter was, so I looked it up. It's pretty self-explanatory.
A person who causes trouble...


Oh POOR YOU, the NASTY BITCH came to your blog and COMMENTED!!! 

I know, I know. I don't use enough exclamation marks. Nor do I write it with big enough letters. I'm such a mean person. Stinking Badger and proud of it :-D
And, no, I don't have any compassion towards these people. I mean... girl, if a comment in your public blog is enough to get you running and telling "mommy", you shouldn't have a public blog. I'm really not even that bad, because I actually speak my mind from my heart and if I speak to you, I think high enough of you to believe you can take it. I'm not a sock puppet, a troll, an attention seeker or a drama queen. So if you can't take MY comments, how the heck could you take comments from REAL "shit-starters"? Sweet little baby-girl, you are too fragile to be in the kitchen!

But, next time, if you don't appreciate my comment, have the courage to tell me. I have no problems apologizing if I realize I hurt you by something I said, and I might actually be able to explain myself better, so that you understand you misunderstood my comment, and it really wasn't hurtful. I am usually kind and I know I sometimes express myself in a manner that is hard to understand. English is not my first language, you know.

But I will respond in kind. If you act like a hurt little princess bitch, I will kill you.

Nah. You're not worth it. :-D

You see, I really am a stinking badger. I'm a middle-aged witch and I have never been a fluffbunny. Not even when I first learned there's this thing called Wicca. I'm a stinking badger and I eat fluffy bunnies for breakfast. If there's nothing better to eat. ;-)


Velody Dark said...

I remember in my first 2 months of blogging I got a negative comment, threw me for a loop. The comment is still there to and I still talk with the person who left it.

You're right you have to grow a bit of a thicker skin if you're going to put your opinion out their in a public forum. Someone at some point is bound to disagree, how people handle that is very telling.

Ketutar said...

You are lovely :-)