Saturday, October 6, 2012


I also wonder if they understand what "tribune" means.

I hate this.
Goddess is not a woman. Goddess is Goddess.
What's wrong with being a woman? Calling women "goddesses" is diminishing both the Goddess and the woman. It's saying the divine Goddess doesn't exist, because every woman is a goddess. It's saying being a woman is not enough. Why would anyone want to be called a goddess and get the expectation of being perfect, superhuman and somehow better than all the other women on this planet.

I am no goddess. I am a woman. I am a woman, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER WOMAN ON THIS PLANET. Not better, not worse, created by the True Goddess, the One and Only, beloved by the True Goddess, the One and Only.

I don't have unlimited capacity to make my life anything I want it to be.
My capacity is limited by me being a human being, it's limited by me needing to share it with other human beings who have their own ideas and preferences. I can choose the people I want to share my life with, but every person in my life more than me, comes with limitations. I cannot, I shouldn't try to control my environment and the people in my life.
Right now I'm thinking about my fibromyalgia, which makes it practically impossible for me to do certain things I'd like to do.
I'm thinking about the fact that I am childless, even when I don't want to be. I trust Goddess to know best what is best for me, and I hope one day I will have wisdom enough to truly accept Her decision.
I'm thinking about the fact that I fell in love with a man who doesn't want me - because he already has a woman... and I ALREADY HAVE A MAN - whom I adore! I mean... I would be causing a lot of harm to FOUR PEOPLE if I went by what *I* WANT. I want him. I want him so bad it hurts. I want my life to be with him, I want... No. NO! My life is with my husband, who is absolutely perfect for me. My Goddess given husband.

No. This is offensive, not empowering. It's enslaving by praise and flattery. It's putting impossible, unfair and unreasonable expectations on people.

And the thing is that even though I love Selina Fenech, because they use this image to illustrate this stupidity, I find all kinds of faults in this image. My biggest problem is "why the heck do they always have to be so f-ing skinny!"
Perfection, perfection, perfection... nothing else is good enough... and no woman is ever perfect, which makes us never good enough.


Anonymous said...

Lighten up...

Ketutar said...

Hmm... why?

I thank you for your concern, but I happen to believe that there are messages in things that disturb us. I believe there is a very important and powerful message for me hidden in me being bothered by people at the same time putting impossible expectations on their fellow human beings, especially in the name of "empowerment" - and diminishing Goddess into sort of a whore in stead of the power stronger than we are, capable to help us with what ever we need help with... this is part of the subliminal message that makes me feel like crap for being a woman.

The message is obviously not for you. So - there's nothing for you to see here. Move along. Keep dancing.
But, please, stop belittling my feelings and trying to make me feel bad about myself because I take some things more seriously than you do.

mymorninglatte said...

well said Ket. and btw - i agree with you - G-ddess is G-ddess and Woman is Woman - and to confuse them with each other is indeed to diminish both.
and off course the idiot fluff-bunny doesn't have the guts to identify themselves - anonymous - what a coward.

Daphne Yvonne Bradshaw said...

Yes! I am a woman - not more nor less. I am, like you, Ket, a beautiful, powerful, magical, loving, feeling, breathing human woman even when neither you nor I feel these wonderful things about ourselves. Being a woman is a miracle in & of herself. There is nothing wrong with being human with all the "imperfections" that come with the being. I am not "the goddess" nor "the god".. would need a gender change for the last one anyway. I love being a woman even when I weep & gnash my teeth about being one. You are very correct to point out that to equate the creation with being the creator is to diminish both. Please keep feeling & thinking so deeply... & sharing with us. *hug*