Sunday, June 30, 2013

Abusing the power of the weak

by Amos Ramati

In some situations 'weakness' is being used as 'Power'.

There are various reasons for it: attracting attention, being in control or any other benefits one can gain from having 'POWER' over others (like special needs). A person can "victimize" himself in order to be in possession of this 'POWER'. By giving in to this "weakness-power game" the good will of the supporting person is being used for other goals than 'support' for the "victim". The 'POWER' can be so great that "ethical behaviour" will be ignored in favour of the "victim". Usually every attempt to restore this "ethical behaviour" is seen as unmoral.

What is typical for this kind of "victims" is that they will never accept advice or support that will actually help them solve the 'real problem'. By solving the 'real problem' the "victims" will lose their "POWER" and that is not the intention.

Those "victims" are usually looking for 'potential victims' that are ready to join their "game".

Most of the time it is a 'subconscious' process and not a conscious one.

Originally posted in "Einstein's Universe"

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