Friday, September 20, 2013

Household Binder

Well... I'm a little slow in certain areas of life. I have been pinning household binder ideas and such for quite a long time now, but it wasn't before now the idea actually has rooted and seems viable. I suppose I needed the time to ruminate the idea :-D

So - Mabon is at the door, my husband's 50th birthday as well, my sister's and her son's birthdays are this month too, and then there's the 101 things in 1001 days, that I really need to start DOING something about.

I plan on starting slowly with the Household Binder, and add, remove and replace sections after need.

Right now I need

- some sort of calendar with
-- appointments
-- events
-- Sabbaths and other such reoccurring dates, holidays, birthdays etc. (with gift ideas and wishlists and cards)

- Budget
- Cleaning, household chores and such - we both need the routines and structures of this
- I suppose I need contact information. And not only to doctors and such, but also the rest of the addresses and telephone numbers.
- to do lists, planning, steps, projects and crafts etc.
- food plan, menus, grocery lists, pantry inventories etc.
- I think we need also a house renovation and decoration part
- I think the health journal might be a good thing to have in this
- I also want to have our wardrobe lists here.
- wishlists and such
- some party information, like guest lists and allergies/dislikes etc.
- library lists, book inventories, reading journal, book wish lists etc.
- inventories?

My problem here is perfectionism.
I can't do this, unless I know EXACTLY what comes where and how I want it, and what routines are going to work - and I can't know until I have tried this out! :-D

So - I have been printing a lot of free organizer/planner/household binder printables. My binder is full of post-its and page markers and notes.

So - Year at a Glance.
What to do with that? I wrote in Sabbaths, birthdays, Jewish holidays, Finnish holidays, Danish holidays, Swedish holidays and our special dates like wedding anniversary.
Here she says that she also adds in the learning blocks, so it might be a good idea to have some sort of 1001 days follow-up...

I transfer all these dates to each monthly calendar page, and all the appointments and such.
I also write them in a separate monthly list with the days in a list form, so that I can cross out the days.

And then weekly lists and daily lists. The daily lists I write every morning together with my husband.
I have seen a couple of these daily lists... or what to call them. On them are usually the daily chores, the morning, day and evening routines, dinner plans, calls to make, errands to run, bills to pay etc. The core of every day is what has been appointed to this specific day in the "year at glance".

I don't understand the "water to drink" or "take your vitamins". Feels to me like someone trying to find something to fill up the empty space.

Also I noticed that I need a special Sabbath binder. There's so much information and organization to be done for each Sabbath, that this needs an own binder. :-)
(Yes, it makes me happy. Binders, lists, organization, planners...)

Ah. I'll keep filling my binder.  I really need to start working with Henric's birthday. 

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