Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 10

 I love Vicky :-) She has a lot of inspiring art journal videos on YouTube.

Some things I have been ruminating is how everything is connected and how much power over our own lives we have. The human mind is a powerful tool. Placebo effect exists. Happiness is not connected to things like money, material goods, children, education, not even health. Happiness is 100% in our mind...

Another thing, that's connected to art journaling, that I've been thinking about is paper.

People wanted to know what deli paper is.
Deli paper is the same paper as sandwich wrapping paper or food basket lining paper. It's thin, waxed paper.
Parchment paper, baking paper, bakery paper is not waxed. Its non-stick qualities are created by special production that slightly "gelatinizes" the paper. Waxed paper is not suitable for baking on, because the wax (or oil) used to make it melts in hot temperature.

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