Thursday, October 6, 2016

Summer's apartment from (500) Days of Summer

 This vignette to me is Summer... I can't believe that people think it's about the toile wallpaper and rose painting! The rose painting so obviously doesn't belong with the Magritte thing going on... 
This woman is quirky person who likes art and reading, and who reads good books.

This is the first wall we see of her apartment. Yes, white and toile. But also... something that looks like unpacked boxes by the entry. Stuff that looks like second hand finds.
And of all the things you can see on the table... some people picked the tree and the buddha.

Summer's dressing table - this is straight against the door. 
So the bathroom is either left from the door or on the corner right from the door, next to the kitchen.

This is the bed end. Accessory storage space.

"In the film, Summer (Zooey Deschanel) is a recent transplant, 
and still has a few boxes sitting unpacked in her apartment. 
She also has plenty of interesting, vintage artwork in ornate gold frames, some well-traveled knickknacks, and as you might expect from any good indie flick, some cool posters."

Er... "Ornate gold frames"? "Some cool posters"? 

Also, that was day 109. Day 1 was within a week from when she moved in. So there's boxes unpacked 3 months after she moved. To a studio apartment... 
Nah. People are too lazy. 
When I moved, the boxes were out within a week.

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