Monday, June 3, 2019

21 Days of Midsummer - Day 3

Now is the day to play around with the menu, so that you can order any bigger pieces of meat or fish.

I like complicated menus. :-D I mean, 21 course dinners and such.
For bigger holidays we are used to serve food in the French style - that is, everything is brought to the table at the same time and the diners choose their own food of what is served.
You can choose to do it that way, or you can choose to have a Russian service, that is the courses are eaten in order and removed when everyone has eaten. Now, that will, of course, take time, but might be an interesting experience. Reminds more of a wedding.

It is traditional to serve a buffet table, though.

I would only eat vegetarian food during the summer (from Beltane to Samhain), but some people eat fish during Midsummer - especially here in Sweden where I live at the moment.

Other food ideas involve eating something they eat around tropics, like have a Caribbean themed dinner or African, Indian, South American, South-East Asian, South Pacific...

You could have a mermaid or fairy themed party (for the whole family). Might be difficult, but that's just a challenge.

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