Thursday, January 28, 2010


When one is in pain, the streamlining becomes "natural".
Today's advice is about doing only the 5 most important things.

I don't shower every day. It's not necessary. I don't need to leave my home, and I'm not that dirty. Besides, I save water.
Are you aware that we in Western "civilized" countries use PURE DRINKING WATER to that? What is even more horrifying is that we use PURE DRINKING WATER - the most precious resource on this planet - to flush down our feces...
Read a bit about water.

I have reduced my internet groups a lot. I still have difficulties leaving all of them, but - What are they good for? Why am I a member of this group?
What else could I be doing with the time I spent on-line?
are two very important questions.

I spent a lot of time in the internet, because I'm usually too tired to be doing something sensible with my time. How about you?

I mean, all these people who say that their life's goal is to eradicate themselves (or their "ego") and dedicate themselves to "pure love" towards their fellow humans - what the heck are they doing HERE? They are not asking people to join their activities, they are not looking for things to do, no, we are all TALKING here. I talk, you talk, everyone TALKS. It's just WORDS, WORDS, WORDS, all day long, in dozens of groups... and mostly what people talk about is how *I* see the world. That *I* think people should eradicate their egos, that *I* think you are wrong, that *I* have this opinion and that belief, and so on.

99% of people you meet on the internet doesn't want to meet you in "real life". That's why they are on-line, and not out there, meeting people.

So, what are the 5 things that are most important to you. Do them today. You might be dead tomorrow, so why spent time on irrelevant or secondary things?
And the same tomorrow. You don't need to do more than 5 things every day.

If you think your family is important, spend today with your family. Not with strangers on-line, or watching soap operas or "documentaries" of some people's lives in the television.
If you think money is important, spend the day by earning money. Now, if your blog is your money-maker, work a couple of hours with your blog, and a couple of hours by advertising your blog in different forums on-line.
If you think your pet is important, spend the day with your pet. Teach it some new tricks. Take your dog to a long walk. That's good for you too.
If you think art is important, spend the day by going to an exhibition, a gallery, a library to watch art books, and make art the rest of the day.
If you think loving your fellow human beings is important, go and do that, in different ways you can imagine. Go and "click for free". Sign petitions. Go out and work a couple of hours in a soup kitchen. Talk with homeless people. The mere fact that you SEE them, that another human being SEES you and treats you like you were an equal makes your day :-) Go and read a fairytale in a library, bookstore or park. Go see some old people.

But, on to next issue.
Here's 8 easy steps to less material clutter in your life.
The first step reminded me of today's "meditation for people who do too much", which was the one above.
How to declutter our spiritual life, mental life, social life, economical life, intellectual life?
You do it the same way. You take things that are important and enjoyable, and scrap everything else.
If people irritate you in an online community, don't go there.

Oh Goddess how tired I am.

In my life, what I do is not only a question of what is important, but what I can do. I cannot do what I think is important. I have no energy to take the dog out for a long walk, or clean my home. My hands hurt and that makes it difficult to do arts and crafts. I have no energy to take the buss to the library, or to my sisters. Mere talking is exhausting, so I don't call my sisters either.
My life is hopefully different from yours. You have the energy. You don't take medication that drains you from energy, you don't have a chronic pain condition. So why are you wasting your life?

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