Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mayan Calendar and other things.

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I am reading another of these "must read spriritual books" - this one Carl Johan Calleman's Mayan Calendar, and there's a lot of thoughts in my head.

He says that it is a pity that we "ignore" "half the world's" knowledge when we create our world view. "Half of the world" being Meso-America and specifically the Mayans. Rest of the world being the "Western world", that is Western Europe and even more specifically the Greco-Roman world view, with some flavoring from the Jews, Egyptians and Babylonians, and spread by the Anglosaxons, French and Latinos.

World according to Calleman - in red "Western World", in blue "Eastern World"

I suppose there's somewhere a slight acknowledgement of the other Native American peoples, but their wisdom, knowledge, science and culture is seen as "basically the same" as the Mayan, besides, they didn't write anything down, so one doesn't need to care about them.

I believe it is stupid to go around the world to seek for information.
We have the diamond field in our home garden. The treasure is buried under the tree under which we slept when babies.
It's not in India, unless I'm Indian, it's not in Mayan calendar unless I'm Mayan, it's not with the Native Americans, unless I am Native American, it's not in the Tanakh, unless I'm Jewish...
The Mayans came to the knowledge they had by observing the world and thinking, and that is possible for everyone.
If you want to know the secrets of the stars, sit on a mountain top every night from sundown to sunrise and see.
If you want to know the secrets of time, observe it and see.
If you want to know the secrets of life, live.

If you want to know the secrets of God, listen to Her. She is always there, teaching, everything around you is God's Word.
The leaf that blows from the tree over your path is a message from God.
The advertisement you notice in the ocean surrounding us, is a message from God.
Your dreams are messages from God.


Some people seem to find it offensive that the scientists try to find the birth place of humankind. Following the markers in our genome, this place is in Africa. From Africa, the people spread all over the planet. Every today living human being has an African ancestry.
We spread over the planet and created us a life according to the special requirements of each living place. The aborigins of Australia did it their way, the Mayans did it their way, the Samic people of Northern Europe did it their way. Everyone looked around them and created a wonderful mythology explaining why things are the way they are, and everyone has their own culture based on the results of their research. Every people on this planet has a rich and wonderful spiritual knowledge that could be useful to anyone. I just happen to believe that we all are born where ever we are born for a reason, and one part of that reason is to go to our own culture and learn that way.


The Mayan had knowledge of zero. They had probably inherited that from Olmecs. There is no signs of any other use of zero anywhere else in the American continents.
In Asia they had knowledge of zero long before the current reckoning as well, but they spread their knowledge.
We know that the Indians taught zero to Muslims, who brought it to Europe.
We know that the Greek were very uncomfortable about the concepts of "nothing" and "void" and therefore also zero. They thought that there cannot be nothingness and eternity at the same time.

I am very fond of nothingness. The most important wisdom in the world is "I am full of crap and know nothing".

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