Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tutorial: solid perfume

at oh my! Handmade goodness

I think it's great that the world is getting more and more aware of that:

a) if it's made by someone, it can be made at home, by you, in some form or another
all the beauty products are just chemistry and cooking, putting ingredients together in a certain order and doing things to them, and that is automatically, almost magically turned into something else.

b) keep it simple.
There is a lot of stuff, chemicals, in the "stuff" you smear on your skin, body, hair, teeth, and it's not good. If you wouldn't eat it, why would you want to smear it in your face?
(well, that reasoning doesn't always work, as I happily "smear" cat on my face, but I wouldn't eat it :-D I mean, I love to sniff cats :-) They smell so wonderful, and are so soft and when they purr... cat radio. my favorite channel .-) Makes me happy. But I wouldn't eat a cat. Also, I wouldn't eat soap either, how ever pure ingredients it's made of. But I brush my teeth with soap.)
When you make your own cosmetics at home, you know exactly what's in there and how fresh it is. Some of the products on the shop shelves have been standing there for weeks, months, even years. Brrr....

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