Saturday, September 3, 2011

It was not God, it was...

My husband is having X-files marathon. In one episode a preacher tells about a little girl who was really sad and shaken because her big brother told her Moses and God didn't part the Red Sea, it was wind and the ocean waves. The little girl asked the preacher if miracles do happen or is the Bible just fairytales?

Well... Let me tell you another story. Once upon a time there was a kind farmer, who used to leave a bowl of milk out every night to God. Every morning the bowl was empty, and the farmer was happy because God had drank his milk.
One day, a smart ass skeptic came to visit this farmer and laughed at his simplicity, stupidity. He persuaded the farmer to stay up and wait hidden by the milk bowl to see who drank the milk. Very soon they saw the culprit. A young fox cub, who had lost his mother, jumped on the low stone wall, ran to the milk and drank it all with good appetite. Then it disappeared into the night.
The farmer was angry and decided not to feed forest animals any more. What kind of creatures had been drinking his libation earlier?
But in the night God appeared to him. God told him that She was saddened by his decision, because She had been able to feed the fox cub, and many other needing creatures before the cub, because of the kindness of the milk farmer...

You see... I would have told the little girl "You're brother is right. Moses did not part the Red Sea. It was the wind and ocean... but who do you think told the wind and the ocean to do that?"

I am not Christian, nor Jewish, and the stories in the Bible are fairytales to me. I am a Pagan, and I know that myth is not synonymous to lie. Just because something is "invented" doesn't mean it less true. Frankly, what is truth? We cannot even be sure of that! I am fully convinced fairies exist. I have seen a unicorn with my own eyes. Angels exist just as sure as you and me exist. Of course, we cannot be quite certain of that we exist, or matter exists, or anything, it is quite possible that we are all just God's dream, and when God wakes up, we vanish like a dream vanishes in the morning...

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