Thursday, September 15, 2011

So that's what you mean by saying you're Christian...

Hmm... There's something wrong with this... I'm really more interested what you mean when you say someone is NOT Christian. Because...

So you are saying you are not lost anymore. Good for you. I just have to wonder why you act like the rest of us, who you consider being lost?
Also... you're found and forgiven? Forgiven... for what? What did you do? Run away from home? Isn't that something most kids do, and always for a good reasons? I mean - either they are being abused, or they are curious about the world around them, or they are being stifled by bad rules, and there is no room for discussions? I mean... what's there to be forgiven? Especially, if it is as you say, you were LOST. Not run-away, LOST. Like - made a mistake, took a wrong turn without knowing it was a wrong turn, and getting where you didn't intend to go, and trying to get back? What kind of parents "forgives" you for getting lost? Geesh! 

Stumbling is being human. We are all "weak" and "strong". We all "fail" and "succeed". We are all "flawed" and perfect in our flawedness.We all have "pain" and "heartaches", emotions, feelings, and some of them are really hard to bear. We were made that way. To me, when you say you're Christian, it means you looks to the Christian God, Jesus, for help with this. And that's fine. I look to my God for help with this amazing thing called life.

But... if I have understood Xianity correctly, you consider EVERYONE needs Jesus. So - to you saying that you're Christian is saying that you consider me living a lie, in which I "refuse to admit" I meed Jesus.

"...cannot ever pay the debt."
What debt? I'm assuming you are referring to "Jesus dying for all of us" -stuff.

1) None of us asked to be put here. None of us asked to be created and born. We are all here, everyone of us, because it is God's will. God made us as we are, to be what we are, with everything we were born with, because God wants us this way. We are, every one of us, 100% God's creation according to God's will.
2) The majority of us have not done anything so bad a HUMAN SACRIFICE is needed - none of us have done anything so bad a GOD needs to be sacrificed. We are all fully capable of taking the consequences of ALL OUR CHOICES ourselves. Simply because God IS a loving God. God understands better than we do why we made the choices we made, and God knows our souls better than anyone, and God sees and acknowledges and counts every little shred of goodness in every human being, and there is a lot of those shreds, in every human being. Because God made us.
3) I think if you go and get yourself punished "for my sake", when it's not needed, when I didn't ask for it, and I didn't want it - frankly, I'd prefer you didn't - don't come whining about me being in debt to you. I DON'T OWE YOU ANYTHING.

Just as little as a pot owes anything to the potter. It's not the pot's fault if there were inpurities in the clay that made it weak. It's not the pot's fault if the potter left an air bubble in the clay so it shattered in the oven. It's not the pot's fault if it was fired wrong and couldn't stay steady. It's not the pot's fault, if the glazing failed and it looks awful. It's not the pot's fault, if someone drops it and it shatters. And it is not the pot's fault if it cannot pick up the pieces and glue them together by itself...
So - what debt?

Also - God created us. God made us. We are all God's children, God's artwork, and each one of us is a perfect piece of art, exactly as God intended us to be. Why would God NOT love us? Why would God NOT be pleased with us? Why would God not believe we are "worth it"?

So it's incomprehensible to you that God loves you... That is incomprehensible to me.

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