Saturday, March 5, 2011

30 days of Ostara; Day 15

Timetable for a perfect Ostara

5. Saturday
Plan. Think about what kind of party you want. Write lists.

6. Sunday
Talk with your friends and arrange who will come and help you with cleaning and doing the heavy shopping.

7. Monday
Order what needs to be ordered; flowers, meat, hairdresser

8. Tuesday
Get yourself a party outfit. (See that the whole family has something to wear. There's still time to order what is missing. Don't forget proper underwear, like underskirts if you plan wearing a skirt aso.)

9. Wednesday
See that there is enough film (ha! everyone has a digital camera now-a-days!) and batteries for the cameras.
Get a photo album /scrapbook and plan how to document your Ostara.

10. Thursday
Write your Ostara card list and check all the addresses.

11. Friday
Get most of the things you are going to need for the party, that can wait, like beverages, candy, candles aso. 

12. Saturday
Clean your home properly, with your friends, and decorate it.
Don't forget to clean the spirit of your home too!

13. Sunday
Crafting day - with kids or friends
Make cards and decorations, if you're into that.
Make presents, if you are not. (Or just wrap presents.)
Just be together, if you are not crafty people. Enjoy eggnog and cookies.
14. Monday
Send cards.
Baking day.

15. Tuesday
Make candy, if you are into that sort of thing

16. Wednesday
Prepare foods that need a couple of days to be at their best, like freshly salted salmon.

17. Thursday
Have a party rehearsal and take notes. You still have a couple of days to see you have everything you need.
Put last minute touches on the house, get the flowers

18. Friday
Fetch the things you ordered.
In the evening, do something that is not associated with Ostara in any way. Watch a Christmas movie, (because it has nothing to do with Ostara), take a looooooong bath, eat pop corn.
Send the kids to the movies or to have a pajamas party with their friends.

19. Saturday
Make all food that can be made day before and prepare for the rest.

15 Easter Celebration Menus

20. Sunday

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