Saturday, March 1, 2014

3 weeks to Ostara :-)

Just 20 days... that's not even three weeks. (One day short... >:->)

It's a good thing one doesn't give presents on Ostara, because... hey, wait a minute. One doesn't? Oh, yes, one does. Baskets...

Anyway, this week I want you to do some things:

* I do wish you have your Holiday Center still up since Imbolc. You did celebrate that, didn't you, even when I wasn't around to remind you? Actually, I was in Finland. It was lovely. More snow than in Sweden. :-) It was a really, really cold day, and I wish I had blown soap bubbles. They say those freeze into ice baubles. I would want to hold one in my hand and feel how thin it is...
If you have cleaned out the Holiday Center, create one again. 

* Take forth your Ostara binder. If you have one. If you don't, get one. Take Sabbaths seriously, please! If we don't hallow our Sabbaths, no-one will, and then "the majority" will "steal" our traditions. Just like they did with Yule.

* Make a "family value" check. Go through your Ostara celebrations through the years, and how you would like to celebrate it. What is important to you in Ostara and the celebration. Plan how you will be able to lift up the themes and messages of the season that are important to you, and how you can create family traditions that are most memorable and enjoyable for you and your family.

* Update your Ostara card list, find out all the addresses, see that you have the cards, write them, put them in envelopes and stamp them, and write the addresses on them. Then post them.

* Are you going to travel? Now it's high time to make the travel reservations and check-up all the necessary details - are visas ok, everyone has been vaccinated, you have proper equipment, suitcases are whole and in working condition etc. etc.

* Houseguests? See that you, your home and your family are ready to welcome them. You still have time to fix the missing bits and bobs.

* Family photo session? Get ready. Appoint the photographer, plan outfits, etc. etc.
Also, do you plan getting your hair fixes? Schedule hairdresser.
Flowers? Order them.

* Clean your home thoroughly, ready for the decorations.

* Plan the Ostara meals, clothes, baskets, and everything else. Write shopping lists.

* Make a tabletop check. Do you have all the necessary tablecloths, napkins, glasses, cutlery, centerpieces etc. etc.

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