Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Apparently someone thinks I should update my blog :-D

This morning I was on my way to Dictionary.com, when I was being a bit careless with my mouse, and ended up to Facebook instead.
Just in time to see a post made by a friend about the effects in adult life of emotional neglect in childhood...
I was reminded of that even though I seem to have gotten over The Catastrophe, I still am suffering of the emotional neglect. *sigh*
I kind of thought that those two were related in a way that when I get over one, I'll automatically get over the other. No such luck :-D

Now I was on my way to Internet Archive Wayback Machine, and, being sloppy mouse handler, ended up here.

So... Spring Equinox was and went, and started the next Sabbathiad, second half of Spring, and we are heading towards the Summer and Mayday. (M'aidez... :-D)

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