Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Stamps. Yes, start your stamp collection as well :-D

I have another Pinterest board all about stamping and other ways of making prints.

Other things you could consider using as stamps:
- lids, spools, anything with raised edge, made of plastic or wood. Even some metal items work.
- anything made of foam or felt or other such material. "fun foam" is pretty good to use as stamps, easy to cut and keeps shape etc. There's often some foam used as isolation in packaging things like computers or so.
-styrofoam and funfoam are also soft so one can draw on them and have the grooves, so that you can use those as small printing plates. Which is what stamps basically are.
- any sponges, like household sponges or makeup sponges. Makeup sponges are better because the texture is very fine and smooth.
- textured fabrics and papers.
- leather and cardboard shapes
- lace and nettings
- flat buttons - also try the not flat buttons, those might work as well

Practically anything could be used. Experiment.

Also, if you use hard materials, like hard plastic, metal or wood, use something a bit softer under the paper, like a mouse mat or piece of felt or something like that.

Also, you can make stamps of potatoes and apples, and other fruits and veggies.

Frankly, I suggest you make some sort of handle to your "rubbish stamps". A piece of doweling or a block of wood, or a bottle cork are good handles. Or thread spools.
Here's an example of these homemade "rubbish stamps" - (not rubbish at all, just not intended as stamps) you can see that the handle makes the stamp look "official" :-D To me such details are important. I don't feel as poor if the stamps look like posh stamps, and are just not a basket of miscellaneous things.

Here's an idea of homemade stamp pads
of course you can use felt or some other such material, but those thin household sponges are quite adequate. Also, a household storage tub is air tight... so the ink or paint or what ever it is you use as color in your pad won't dry out.

Here's also some ideas about the stamps

Here's some ideas what else you could do with your stamps :-)

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