Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Writing in art journal?

Calligraphy is an artform, but I'm talking about journaling. I don't really care about some purist idea of what your journal should be, you make it the way you want it. If there's journaling, fine, if not, that's fine too.


But what I want you to do for this self searching journey, is to write 52 things about yourself you like. Like the 52 things I like about you card decks people have been making. Make one of yourself. Or, actually, I want you to make a page for each of these things you like about yourself. Start watching you and find out why you like yourself.
If you find it hard to think about things in yourself you like, start by thinking about all the people you DON*T like. Whether it's that nasty girl who always ate your lunch candy or Hitler, think about them, and then think how are you different.


Here's some more questions to ponder and get you started:

Journal Writing Prompts - Intuitive Choice and Answer list
119 journal prompts for your journal jar (yes, you can get yourself a journal jar)
5 year journal - 365 questions
50 art journal prompts
5000 questions


some important things to journal about - either write or paint, express yourself in some way or another - or as many as you can come up with -

The most stressful moments in your life
The most painful moments in your life
The most beautiful moments in your life
The most soothing moments in your life
The nicest thing someone has ever said to you
Don't journal about the nastiest, meanest things that have been said to you or about you, don't give that crap that much of your time and focus, because it's all just crap. Might be true, but not less worthless.


For example - as this is Homes4Her - you could use this journal also as writing down the messages from Goddess.

There was a series in the 90's, about a group of people with different medial abilities. One of them was this man, who got messages through association, sort of. For example, he was walking, minding his own business, and suddenly a car almost run over him. The car's license plates spelled something - or the letters and numbers had another association - or because he started looking after the car, he noticed a sign or poster - which lead him to another part of the message, and so on - through things like candy wrappers, randomly scribbled graffity, magazine names building words, or words popping out from the cover, or things like that. Overhearing a sentence here, seeing a book title there, little bits and bobs falling on his way all the time.
Keep your eyes open. The world IS a message. Goddess IS speaking to you ALL THE TIME.
Start recording these messages.
One message I received - I was taking a walk, every day, slavishly, 5K at noon, to get sunlight and to keep my fitness level a little higher than absolutely nothing. I started walking, was feeling miserable, no-one loved me, everything was wrong and bad, I was in pain - and then I saw the first buds of the spring. Just a little touch of green in the otherwise brown and white and grey landscape... I stared at that bough for good 10 minutes, and to me it was a message from God. "I love you, and because of that, I am showing you that after winter comes spring, and there is life in the seemingly barren landscape. Even though it feels like everything is wrong and bad and crappy, it's not, because you are just seeing what you are looking at. Stop and see the details." The world was still white and brown and grey and sad place, but there was that tiny bit of green there, and that tiny bit made me happy.

My sister has an "interactive Yule calendar". Every day from first of December to Yule she "gets" a present from God, Universe or something. Perhaps she sees the book she has been expecting, it has been published and she happens to be in the book store and have enough money to buy it, so she gets it. Perhaps the buss driver stops and waits for her, so that she doesn't need to wait for the next buss.
Start noting those little gifts Universe keeps sprinkling on your way.
If nothing else, write down what made you smile today. If the answer is "nothing", then find something.


Fill in the list, pick one or two and make a page of it. What would the music you just listened look like?
Think about the list, and change things to fit your liking. Perhaps you like to journal about the music you are currently listening, books you are reading, things you are hating, or current pet peeve? Things you are blogging about, pinning, tweeting, texting?


I love this Russian site about fashion, style, clothing etc. Here's their self search links, how to find your own personal style. I believe if you would dress one year in clothes YOU want to wear, in stead of following some fashion trends or style icons, it would have a great impact on your life, feelings, self-esteem. Also, the questions are really great for your art journal ;-)


Art to the 5th - Documented Life Project - it's a free project during which you get prompts for each week for your combined planner/art journal


Also, this: Self-esteem Journal
I have enorm problems with my self-esteem, and that is going to help, I hope.

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