Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week 7

Hello, my darling...

This week I'm going to talk about layers.
There are two kind of layers in art journaling; translucent and opaque.

Translucent layers are things like
- tissue paper, paper napkins, kitchen paper towels- any translucent paper like vellum or glassine
- watercolors
- accent details
- glitter
- writing
- netting
- plastic, film, cellophane
- transparent tape
- washes and glazes
- drybrushing, brayering, stippling, swirling...
- spraying

Opaque layers are for example;
- acrylics
- collage
- photos
- journal boxes
- scrapbook paper and other opaque papers

Stamps and stenciling can be both - there are large stamps and stencils that cover a large area, and are then opaque layers.
The same goes with things like scrapbooking embellishments and opaque tape - it depends on how much you use and how big/wide the addition is. The more it covers, the more opaque layer it is :-D

I consider tip-ins to be an opaque layer, as they cover quite a lot of the page, even though they can be moved out of the way.

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