Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 8

I like this alphabet series on art journaling, so I would like you to see them all :-)

Then I'm going to talk a little about the other lifeforms that we share this planet with. I believe everything on this planet is alive, all the way through the planet itself, but I also believe there are beings, lifeforms, that we aren't used seeing - or are unseen by most people.

Elemental beings
"Communicating with the Elementals, Fairies, Angels, Unicorns, Dragons and Crystals"

How to contact your guardian angel
How to communicate with angels
How to communicate with your angels

how to communicate with fairies
communicating with fairies

I would recommend Findhorn first chapters about communicating with devas and God, and perhaps even the one about communicating with mythological creatures. I don't like the way Findhorn looks today, I don't like the way things turned after the first four at Findhorn. But the first chapters were lovely.

I would also suggest you read and experiment the Magickal Mystical Creatures by D.J.Conway

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