Tuesday, October 6, 2015

DIY Filofax inserts

This was written by Clare at "Less Grafting More Crafting" - on May 16th 2014, but the site seems to be dead now, so I decided to repost some parts of the tutorial here:

"This tutorial combines a mix of making your own inserts from scratch and customising pre-printed inserts – the beauty of this project is that you can keep working on it throughout the year and you don’t need to finish it in one go! This also means that you can really make it work for you, so don’t be afraid to try out ideas and then scrap them if they don’t work."

"To make this insert, measure the size of your pages and cut out a rectangle without a divider tab. Use the holes of the divider as a guide to punch out the holes in your new page."

"You can make simple storage pockets using pieces of card or scrapbooking paper"
"You could make a divider page before each month using scrapbook paper – I used some little stickers for the month on the front of each one. I haven’t put divider tabs on these, but you could if you want to."

"To make divider tabs, just use your old divider inserts and draw around the tab."

"When it comes to the actual diary pages, there are so many possibilities! You could customise bought inserts, or print out your own."

"When it comes to the pre-printed inserts, you can also use washi tape and stickers to decorate. "

"These little envelopes are perfect for storage!"

 They gave a link to how to make these envelopes.

Clare has written a new version of this to her current blog (I think), where she talks more about this and shows more photos, and also shows how to make the tab dividers.

Now, if you do anything with this, go and share your creation at Clare's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hellohoorayblog . She would really like to see how she inspires people. :-)

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