Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dede Willingham's Idea Book II

When you look at this video, YOU NEED TO HAVE PAPERS AND PEN WITH YOU and WRITE IT DOWN.
This is where your idea collecting starts.

Also, as you watch this video, write down the impulses you get and answer the questions. This is a video, it's OK to pause it for the time it takes you to hunt your ideas.

Also, this will take quite a lot of time, so start watching this when you have time!

What is mind mapping? How to brainstorm? How do people actually collect ideas? What is a bullet list? Would it work for me? Would it work for me in some other project, like in a planner? What is ephemera? How could I get my hands on more ephemera? Where do I get tickets like that? What could I use them for? Do I really want them? What would I want in stead? Why? What could I do with that?

This is an exercise in idea collecting and brainstorming, nothing more. You are not to realize any of the ideas, or pursue them further, you are just to get trained to see everything around you as potential resource and getting used to record your ideas. It's important!

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