Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stocking stuffers for the not-girly-girl women

Here's a great list: 50 awesome stocking stuffers that don't suck under 10 dollars

These are a bit suck-y: Stocking stuffers for her

* Don't buy her make-up, nail polish or perfume if you are not 100% sure of what she uses. Some women - like me - use no make-up, and finding make-up in my stocking is saying "I don't know you at all". You do NOT want to say THAT to your girlfriend.

* give her a gift certificate to a book store rather than a book. Especially a book you are told about by people suggesting you what to give as a gift...

* I hate digital watches. And metal wrist bands on watches. So if you plan on giving her jewellery, check what she uses. I don't use much jewellery. I use earrings and sometimes necklaces and brooches, but rings? bracelets? No. I don't use a watch either.

* Don't assume she loves chocolate because she is a woman. Find out what is her favourite candy. I would be happier for a box of salt liquorice than smoked chocolate.

* Candles... well... if that's not the only thing. But find out which smells she prefers, because there are smells people don't like, and it's highly personal and subjective. the same goes with incense. Also, if you plan buying her incense, see that she has something to burn it in. And not everyone likes incense.

* The only machines you can give to your girlfriend/wife are about fun. Do not give her a fabric steamer. It doesn't matter how expensive it is, if she needs it, if she wouldn't ever buy one for herself, because when you give her a household appliance, anything to do with household chores, like cleaning, cooking, ironing etc. you are telling her that you expect her to be a good little 50s housewife. AND by giving her a fabric steamer, you are saying "I have noticed you are a bit sloppy with your clothes".

* iPhone cover... Does she even have an iPhone? And what kind of patterns does she like? What kind of patterns does she use in her clothing, home, stationary? Giving ME an iPhone cover with cutesie flowers is saying "I don't know you at all, but I expect you to be a girly girl who likes pink and flowers and a modern, trendy girl who has an iPhone like everyone else." OK, then. Go find a girl that fits that cover, because I'm not her.

* "Adult coloring books are officially a thing and whether she admits it or not, there’s a good chance she wouldn’t hate getting her hands on one."
No, I wouldn't. And if you listen more to the guys at "ask men" than your girlfriend, I think you should date them, and not me.

* I don't use scarfs. I use shawls. Give me a pashmina, not a "geo print blanket scarf". That's ugly and not in my colors. You should know me well enough to at least know what kind of colors I like!
So, with this as with everything else; accessories are a great stocking stuffer, BUT YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT SHE LIKES.
If she doesn't use gloves, it's stupid to buy her them.
If she doesn't use hats, don't buy her one. If she doesn't use handbags, don't buy her one.
If she does, tell the store clerk what kind of handbags you have seen her use. They come in a lot of different styles, materials, brands etc. You don't want to buy her wrong kind.

So, what to buy, then?

* travel trinkets, like baggage tags and passport case, are great gifts, because they are telling her that you expect to take her to see the world. Unless, of course, she hates traveling :-D

* experiences - it could be a hot balloon ride or day at a spa, but I was thinking about "movie night" or "date night" kind of things :-D An exotic cookbook with necessary spices.

* if you can't think of anything, go to Pinterest and search "wish list" at boards...

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