Saturday, March 21, 2009

The answer is not "love", it's "no fear"

Most people don't even know what love is.
If you ask, you get cliches, that only bring forth new questions, not real answers.

People tend to treat love as some sort of universal tool, universal answer to every question, universal medicine to every illness, universal solution to every problem... but one forgets that never has there been as much bad things done than excused, justified, explained and inspired by love.
To protect one's loved ones, one is ready to do almost anything.
Wars have been fought for love, cities destroyed, families and friendships broken...

You might say that that is not "real" love. Ok, then what is?

When I posted this message from Higher Self, I got some responses...

"Where there is love there is no need to fear."

There might be no NEED to fear, but people are afraid without needing to be afraid.

The story tells that the first thing an angel said to the shepherds on the field was not "love, love, love", but "do not be afraid" (Interestingly, the story tells that the first thing an angel told both Miriam and Yosef was: "do not be afraid"... Nothing about love.)

Also, I love my husband. It is obviously poor kind of love, or not truly, really love, but something else, because I am still afraid.
I am afraid what might happen to him. I fear the day he isn't in my life anymore.
I am afraid that he might say something that hurts me, and that I might say something that hurts him, because we occasionally do say things like that. We do fight, yell at each other, throw things (or want to throw things), are filled with emotions, misunderstand etc. even though we love each other.
I am also afraid of other things, not related to him. I don't like passing bridges, especially if there's car traffic allowed on the same bridge. I'm not afraid of death, I'm afraid of pain. I'm afraid the bridge will fall and I will be damaged by parts of the bridge, fall into water, try to swim with things falling around me, try to swim with broken legs, arms, wounds, concussion... I am afraid of pain, and I have not experienced enough love to take away that fear.

So - what is love?

I define love as an emotion, affection, emotional attachment, intimacy, emotional closeness and devotion, compassion, deep caring of the love interest, strong, good will, interest in other's welfare, setting other before one. It doesn't need to include physical attraction, lust, desire and sex. Oneness is not love.

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