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Sky God

"I always mock the sky God concept of a “God” intervening in the affairs of humans [ as some religions teach] as if some super being in the sky, some anthropomorphic super man, with hands and feet, is literally sitting on a throne and “guiding” this horror we call “ this worlds life” to some such end."

“People mock things they don't understand” comes to mind… Some quote put “stupid” first, some kinder put “because they are afraid of them” last.

"I say that if such a being exists, he or she must be a sadist of some sort."

I find the belief in an antropomorphic “sky God” very comforting, and I don't see any valid reason why anyone would see this “sky God” as a sadist.

"As a metaphor it is possible, but like the Buddhist teach: it seems that this very idea is an argument against the existence of such a God.

Indeed, as the Quran says that man fell from grace after the fall, people misinterpret this as if it is a curse from “God” that humans fell from grace.
I say to you, no, it is not a curse from a sky-God, but a metaphysical law of the inner and outer cosmos that determines the “the fall from grace” In this sense “God” is the law, not any super being angry with a disobedient creation that he is punishing.

As a part of ”God” there are certain adepts who have retained or regained their nature and preside over the affair of this human experience, but they CANT magically make things right, because the fallen soul of all - in the macrocosm and microcosm - is bound by metaphysical laws that determine its destiny, not any arbitrary commands by a sky God. Therefore we are ALL destined to become perfect by that metaphysical cosmic law, not any decree by a “God”

God is that law!"

The “fall of man” is actually a purely Christian interpretation of the Jewish texts. What Christianity sees as the “fall of man” Islam and Judaism see as life. The “fall” is seen as a phase of life; when you grow up, you will disobey your parents, you will move from your parents' home, you will try to live on your own, marry, get children and THEN you will be “punished” by the fact of life that your children will do the exact same things you did when you were at that age ;-). That's part of being human being, part of life.

As far as I understand it, Buddhism sees life itself as something “abnormal”, something one should try to rid oneself of, a “necessary evil” one must “suffer” - a bit the same way as Christianity. Christianity has been greatly influenced by the Persian religions which in turn were influenced by the Indian religions. According to Christian ideology life is something inheretantly bad one must suffer through to get to the “prize” - the life after life, Kingdom Come, Paradise, Heaven.

Now, that's something in which Islam differs from Judaism - the belief in Paradise, afterlife, Heaven. Classical Judaism says there's this life and that's it. After life you die and when you have died, you sleep, you rest. No paradise, heaven, afterlife, Kingdom Come, just rest. Islam believes that if you have lived well, you will get back to Paradise, the Garden, Heaven. In Judaism there's no returning to innocence.

But what do I know - I'm not Jewish, Christian nor Muslim.

Which seems to be correct about most of us, so we really can't say anything about how these religions see life, God, sin, fall and what not. (Especially considering that these religions consists of millions of people who all have their own opinion on what their religion is and thinks of these things…) Not that we don't have opinions, and that we can't say what ever we wish. It's just that these opinions are nothing else, not science, not facts, not even very educated… but who cares :-) We are here to express these opinions, aren't we? Not to learn something.

Nevertheless, if God is the law, then we are all destined to become perfect by some decree by God - God the Law. To say that there is no God but God is the Law, but God is not the Law sounds very weird and rather sketchy… Besides, I think we are already perfect. We just keep forgetting it. :-)

"but seriously, can we assume that god is the vast radiant emptiness that one experiences in meditation (samadhi/bliss), but there also exists self autonomous light beings (masters and angels) who still don't know exactly what god is but honor the source of all things in the spirit of devotion and worship?

can we also assume that god is sovereign and no thing can challenge it's absoluteness, so to speak? so if this is true then i would have to ask: do these masters and angels have free will or can they only perform congruent acts of service?

if the latter is true then there is no war in heaven and the angels are simply servicing the law of god. very similar to the torah and the book of job. if this is true that seems to make casino earth a school…that god tests people here….as if it were not enough to throw us in the middle of friggin' nowhere, we now have to deal with every type of predator as well as dealing with angels/satans who trip us up every time we do wrong………


do the angels of old have free will? is there spiritual wickedness in high places. are the rebellious angels warring against humanity? have they contaminated the human gene and have they been controlling this planet through hybrids?

in my mind the second scenario seems somewhat more plausible out of the two…..

now let's al so assume that humans have been guided on their journey here by these beings (good and bad). that each ethnocentric culture developed their own ideas of god within their own isolated localities. this is very understandable and reasonable to assume. that to a certain degree human culture constructed religious perspectives…….occasionally these perspectives clashed. he's only our god!

so, the question i would ask in light of the coming manmade apocalypse that is approaching due to judaism/christianity/islam, is- why don't they use the technology that is available now and turn on every t.v., radio, computer, and simply tell everyone at one time that they are here and that every culture constructed their religious perspective on god (and that that is fine) and they may keep worshipping in traditional forms if they still so desire with the new knowledge that their tradition was not the only true tradition/belief, but one of many; and that this doesn't offend god……….

or would they rather let us blow the planet into oblivion over this ethnocentric sky daddy squabble………………"

The fact that God is all-mighty doesn't mean She MUST use that might all the time.
The fact that God is all-knowing doesn't negate Free Will. It doesn't mean She influences our choices or that our choices are predestined.

If you are talking about the angels described in the Hebrew Scriptures, they don't have free will. They can only do God's will, and there is no war in heaven. Angels can only perform “congruent acts of service”. How this would “make casino earth a school” is something I don't understand. As far as I know Job was an exception. (Also, Satan is one angel, there aren't more than one of him. And he is rather exceptional as well. Nevertheless, only doing God's will. Might have own ideas, but isn't able to do anything but God's will.) Angels aren't out there to “trip us when we do wrong”, but more to pick us up when someone else exercises his free will and does us wrong, or when the life we so wanted isn't all that we thought it should be. (“it's defective, and I want my money back”, as Meatloaf sang…)

(And the snake? Yes, he had his own will, but was he acting against God's will? Good question… were the humans meant to be able to leave home and grow up? I believe so. Was the “fall” a bad thing? I don't think so. I don't think life is all bad and suffering and something to get rid of. I think the world is a beautiful place and I am happy to be able to live in it, and I am also very happy with my fellow human beings. Very few of them has ever willed me anything bad, but most of them has shown me nothing but good will. So meditating on my own navel and distancing me from life, pleasures, joy and beauty is not something I'd choose. Not that my navel isn't a beautiful thing and worth meditating on, it's just so incredibly egocentric and egotistic. Me, me, me, me, me… I'm more about collaboration, diversity, openness… no herme/itic traditions for me, thank you :-))

So - the idea of thousands of wicked mighty spirits warring against humanity, contaminating the human gene pool and thus making us genetically loosers from the very beginning, but nevertheless mating with these very beings to create “hybrids” to controll the planet sounds plausible? Huh. I would choose another ideology to live by.

“each ethnocentric culture developed their own ideas of god within their own isolated localities”
Now, that's an idea I can agree to.

Considering that I don't believe in any “manmade apocalypse that is approaching due to judaism/christianity/islam”, I would answer your question of why “they” don't use the technology available to tell everyone anything is that every person believes more in their God than anyone appearing in the media, and everyone knows that one cannot believe anything shown in television (as it's all special effects).

Frankly, if human free will is to blow this planet into oblivion, God may not interfere, nor may the angels who are only an extension of God's will. That would be a violation of man's free will.

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