Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hello, I'm Ketutar from Finland

My “religion” is Ketutarianism, my own mish-mash of bits and bobs I can agree with. As far as I know there is no one religion which correspondences with all the bits and bobs. This far I fit the description of people you are looking for.

I have problems with the group description, and I would like to hear your reasoning behind it.

”This group is for those who have moved beyond the limitations of religious dogma”

So you are religious anarchists. That's fine. but do you think it's better to be a religious anarchist than a follower of an established religion?

Usually people use the form “moved beyond the limitations” as something positive - that it's better to have left the limits “behind”, that one has no limits, that there are no “no”s in one's life, only “YES!” That there are no spoons.

Having no limitations is with other word having no boundaries. What is yours, is mine too.
No laws, not even Universal laws.
No rules, not even the Golden Rule.
No respect of the word “no”.

I happen to think anarchy is just as hideous form of rule as dictatorship. I am for laws and rules. I think the word “no!” is the best word one can teach to one's kids. I think the boundaries are a good thing. I believe there is a very good reason for the dogmas. I don't see “moving beyond these” as anything positive, on the contrary. Human beings are just too egocentric to be good people without boundaries and respect of them.

It's only in the Matrix world, in the dream world, where there are no spoons. Sure, we are all the same, everything is made of energy, energy and matter, and it is possible to bend the reality. But - why would we? The spoon was invented to make it easy for “unenlightened people” to eat without getting their fingers and mouths burned. Sure, we can wait for the glorious future, where everyone is a superman and God is dead, because we ARE gods, but until we get there, we need spoons. (Besides, even though I agree with Nietzsche in much, I find his world very cold, harsh, demanding and really nothing I'd wish for… so I hope that world never comes, and we will keep needing spoons.)

So - I am a Monotheist. I believe there is only one God, Spirit, Holy, Creator, and that She is a personal, all-mighty, all-knowing and good God. Call it Spirit, Light, Truth or Life, I call it God.

I don't believe there are “elements of Truth of Spirit” in every religion. I believe every religion is of Truth of Spirit and that you can find the path to the Truth, God, by following one - any - of these religions. You don't have to “liberate” yourself from a specific dogma, because the Truth is in that specific dogma as well as in any, because in the end the Truth is IN YOU. I find the idea of that you MUST “liberate youself from the dogmas of the religions” to be REALLY free, offensive, limited, even self-righteous. It is only people who consider themselves having taken the eclectic path who claims it's the Only True one. With other words, they have fallen into the “MY religion is The Only True Religion” pit. (You really don't need to call it a religion for it to be a religion. Anything can be made to a religion, a philosophy, an ideology, a set of beliefs…)

Tolerance is not “you are like me, you're ok”, but “you are different than me, but you're ok”.

I also don't think there is something that can be called “the simple scope of religion”. Religion is an idea just as complex and difficult to define and confine within certain limits as art is. In my eyes this group is just another effort to define the dogmas of a religion, in this case “We are One” -religion. You ask people to come here to share the “Truths” - the Dogmas - of their spiritual experience, lifestyle, philosophy, ideology - their religion.

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