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The Universal Laws

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I find the Universal Laws rather amusing... I really don't agree with the most of them, and the "100 days reality challenge" is a quite good example of that these "laws" really aren't.
Here's some of them and the reasons why I don't "believe" in them.

It is said that "The best we can do is to perform our actions consciously, with good intentions, and leave the results or consequences up to Spirit or Divine Law." Such bull. One have to think before one does anything and nothing is excused by good intentions. The end does not sanctify the means, and never has been done as bad things as "with good intentions", "for the best of someone", for and of "love".

It is said that when ego tries to control the results, we won't get what we want - but what is "The Secret" anything else but letting ego control the results? What is the "100 days challenge" anything else but letting the ego control things? No-one puts on the list other things but things one oneself wants - what the ego wants. Self is not divided and we, individual human beings, ARE individuals. The individual existence is NOT an illusion, the existence is not an illusion, the world is not an illusion.

"To become free of the ego is not really a big job but a very small one. All you need to do is be aware of your thoughts and emotions - as they happen."
- Eckhard Tolle

MY thoughts, MY emotions - ME - ego.

"Man... ...cannot have a permanent and single I. His I changes as quickly as his thoughts, feelings, and moods, and he makes a profound mistake in considering himself always one and the same person; in reality he is always a different person, not the one he was a moment ago."
- G.I. Gurdjieff

Bull. I am one, one entity, one individual, one. I have many feelings, many thoughts, many moods, some opposite to each other, some supporting each other. I'm still just one. I have many experiences, I grow, I learn, I change my mind, and I am still one.

Might be that only a fool would stand in front of a moving train and demand that Spirit save him, and Spririt might save the fool. Might be that according to the physical laws, the train would destroy the animal body, but some times the physical laws are surpassed... ever heard of miracles? Miracles do happen, you know. Might be that the train stops in time. Might be that someone goes and saves the fool.
Was it the Spirit? Sure, it was... as we are all one, aren't we?
At the same time, it might have been the laws of Physics, the train wasn't moving too fast, the rails were dry and clean, there was something in between the train and the fool that stopped the train, the track wasn't straight, so even though the man was standing in front of the train 5 minutes ago, he was standing besides the rails, and the train would move pass him...
Never be so quick to draw conclusions, huh? Might be that the "fool" knows something you don't. :->

"testing God" is a very popular pasttime among religious people, and for some reason "God" always agrees to be tested, and manifests. For some reason, 9 out of 10 testers won't accept the test results :-D Testing God is nevertheless NOT controlling God. In that way "Ask and you will be given" is more a feeble effort to control God. What has not been prayed for during history... death and destruction, molten lava, brimstone and lightning... Asking God to work as my personal executioner, to work MY law. Yeah...

I find it amusing that people preaching the Universal Laws - Law of Attraction being one of them - are so against the Ego... it's all about ego, giving ME what I think I deserve, loving ME...

Law of Love

"It is in giving love, that we receive love"

I usually agree with dear Franciscus, but not this time. This "law" is designed to give people bad conscience for "not loving enough", and to create codependency. People are not meant to live in codependency but interdependency.
"Falling in love with someone" is an artificial existance. You can resist falling in love, you can choose whom you fall in love with. Loving someone is never reason enough to do anything.
No, God is not love. God is God. Love doesn't make the world go round, love doesn't conquer everything, love is not our "true nature"... In Judaism there's the Yetzer Hara and Yetser Hatov - the Good Inclination and the Bad Inclination... everything done with "bad" intentions, of "bad" reasons, because of hate, sorrow, anger, is not bad.
We don't love people because they are droplets of the Divine. Everyone is, but we don't love everyone. We love people, because these people have something to give we need.
Our true nature is egocentric, and love is the most egoistical emotion in the world - all about survival, the survival of the race, and the survival of one.

Of course one should be kind to others, but forget love. Love is an emotion and even though it can be commanded and controlled, its egoistic nature makes it unsuitable to be used as some sort of universal medicine.

Surrendering your ego to others is one of the vilest advices I've ever heard. You are a unique individual, a special entity, and your ego is precious. YOU are precious. What makes you YOU is important, wonderful, lovely, special, needed. You can't "surrender" your ego, you only end up in slavery of codependency, if you try.
Your relationship to YOU is the most important thing in the universe, more important than your relationship to God, to other people, your friends and your enemies, your family and your loved ones. YOU are the center of your universe, your raison d'etre, the light in your eyes, the song in your heart. You.
So love yourself with all your might and all your power, and be kind to others, so that they will stay around to give you what you need, do kind things to others so that they do to you what is sweet and not what is vile.
Remember, if you make yourself into a doormat, expect that people wipe their feet on you. If you make serving others your mission in life, expect to be treated as a servant. You are worth more than that. You are to be treated as a companion, a partner, an equal to each and everyone, so you should treat everyone as your companion, your partner, your equal. You wouldn't accept that your business partner treats you badly, and you shouldn't allow anyone else to treat you badly either. Love is always patient and kind, but we shouldn't be patient with people hurting other people. Love is never jealous, but jealousy tells us what we need. Love doesn't take offense, but getting offended tells us about our boundaries. Love is always ready to excuse, but not everything should be excused. Love is always ready to endure whatever comes, but sometimes it's time to put down the feet and to say "enough!" and "no!".

The Law of Karma

The law of cause and effect is a physical law, and to every cause there is an equal effect. Every action has a consequence and its nature has nothing to do with the nature of the action. Shooting someone with "good intentions" will damage the receiver, whether it is a wall or a person. Sometimes bad things happen to good people who don't "deserve" them. There is no karma. Karma is just a bad excuse for the inability to accept reality. You are supposed to reap what you sow, but who knows what you sow. Not every evil person get evil consequences from their actions. School yard bullies can have good friends, a good marriage and people crying at their funeral. It's only the people he bullied who hate him, who will poison their own lives with the hate and inability to forgive and move on. So far I have not met a bully who got what he deserved.

No... we shouldn't only think about the intentions but the results and the consequences, and we should take responsibility for our actions and choices. To leave it all to "The Spirit" and "Karma" is irresponsible.

The Law of Reincarnation

This is not a law. No-one knows what happens after we die. Some philosophies say we will be born again, some say we will just vanish, stop being, when we die. The one thing that we can be sure of is that everything has its time, everything living will die. The energy doesn't vanish anywhere, it just changes the form of existence: a body will rot, be eaten, become building material for other life forms, turn to soil and nourish plants... it will not become another human being. If everything is one, everything is energy, part of the Divine Energy, Spirit, then why should part of it be earmarked to be born again and again in the basically same form? Why would human souls be isolated from the natural flow of energy, where energy takes different forms and blends freely, yesterday it was 12 bees, today it's a rose, tomorrow it's a whale's eye... It doesn't make any sense that human souls would be different from every other form of energy.

I don't believe we are here to be "purified", "liberated" and "saved". I believe we are here to enjoy life, the world and materia. Angels are said to have no senses. We are to desire experiences and enjoyment. Human being is one - body, soul, mind, spirit, all one, unseparable, undividable. We shouldn't concentrate on the development of just one aspect of us, forget the body while developing the mind, forget the spirit while developing the body. To me ascesis in order to reach Nirvana, to deny the body and bodily needs and desires, to denounce the world, is sacrilice. Deny your body, deny the world, kill yourself. No, you can't, can you... because you need your body to live... and the same philosophy that tells you your body is ugly, dirty, disgusting and unwanted, tells you that getting rid of it is evil... hypocritical, that is. No, your body is amazing, beautiful, wonderful, a miracle. You should thank God everyday for being so kind to give you one, thank God for the miracle of life, all the little cells, muscles, organs, what not, that build your body, working so perfectly... feel how you breathe... enjoy your eyes with which you read this text... enjoy your capacity to read and collect more information, more inspiration, more experiences... Life, oh life! Ah!

The Law of Forgiveness

To be able to forgive has nothing to do with purifying oneself nor with "negative feelings". Actually, the so-called negative feelings are not that negative. They are just feelings. It is what you do with your feelings that can be negative or positive, not the feelings itself.
To be able to forgive is to be able to move on. Not forgiving gives the negative experience power over you. You will be wasting your energy, energy that could be used for something better. You could be giving yourself the things, experiences, sensations that you deserve.
One doesn't need to forgive anyone else but oneself. Most people don't even know they have hurt us in some way, most people who have hurt us don't give rat's ass of our forgiveness. But I do. I care a lot if I can forgive myself or not. Don't forgive the neighbor for killing your cat, forgive yourself for allowing your cat to be killed. Accept the fact that you cannot protect your cat 24/7, that your cat made its own decisions that lead it to be killed, get yourself a new cat and make sure it cannot get outside, or move away from the horrible person living next to you. Don't go forgiving him and loving him unconditionally, serving him, excusing him and enduring the bastard killing your other cats too. Learn from your experience, use your head and forgive yourself.

The Law of Abundance

Yeah... this one I believe in - sort of. I don't believe that the Universe manifests our thoughts, I believe that when we believe in something strong enough, we will be able to ignore the things that don't fit our vision, that we will be able to notice things that do fit our vision, that we will be more vigilant towards opportunities and more willing to interpret the reality to support our vision. If we concentrate of things that are good and beautiful, we will notice the good and beautiful things around us more easily, and ignore the bad and ugly. The bad and ugly will still be there, but our attitude has changed.
I once saw a documentary of the kidnapped girls of Kashmir and Tibet who end up as prostitutes in India. One of them, about 10, was PROUD of being so desired by the customers. She didn't think she was raped, lived in slavery, that she was the victim of trafficking, that she didn't have a future and that she was abused. She wouldn't have admitted any of those things being true, so in her reality these things WERE not true. A woman might live with an abusive husband no-one else sees anything desirable in, she thinks he's Prince Charming and is grateful for her "good husband" - so in her life her thoughts of having a good husband has manifested.

Poverty exists, sickness exists, death exists, wars exist, but if a person refuses to acknowledge these things as true, they don't "manifest" in her life. The world is full of people who don't even know there is a place called Israel. Israel's neighbors try desperately get it demanifested by refusing to acknowledge its existence, but there it is...

Law of Unification

Hmm... first, who knows. Secondly, we ARE unified in the one soul of the Great Spirit as it is. Everything IS one.

Law of Empowerment

As said. What I think of, I will see. What I expect, I will experience. This "power of will" is so strong that we indeed create our own reality - it doesn't mean that the reality we create would be the reality, it doesn't mean that just because I can see unicorns, anyone can see unicorns or that the unicorns exist.

"You can create what you want in life by by taking your attention away from the things you do not want and focusing on the positive things you do want". Yes - you will see what you want to see.

Law of Right Human Relations

"Right" human relations? This is actually not a "law". It's more a recommendation and common sense. Treat others with kindness and people will find it easier to respond with kindness. Smile and the world will smile back at you.

But - it is the first law of "the sequence of three major Laws and three Principles, as given by the Tibetan", so it's called a law.

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