Friday, March 12, 2010

Portrait of a Crystal Child

She stands on the front yard, naked, relaxed and watches into the camera, seeing straight through the lens, into her uncle taking the video. She is a perfect priestess of Gaia, looks into the eyes of the one watching the video too, as if she knew I would be watching this video... She seems to know everything there is to know, is perfectly intune with everything and there is this mysterious aura on her... Priestess is the word I have in my mind, even though she is only 4. I would define it as "higher spirituality", if I believed in such things. Looking at her I know there is a deeper, spiritual meaning with life, me, everything... She is a living proof of that God exists :-)

In the photo she is 7. It is taken after summer, she is very brown, as she hates clothes and loves outdoors. She has just lost her front tooth and smiles this lovely, adorable smile of a child of 7 :-)
And see the eyes... hazel, but so clear and big... and even in the photo she looks straight into your soul.

She cannot wear a watch, because they stop working.

She is multitalented, and very much so.
She was drawing on the walls already at the age of 2, and her 6 years old sister got blamed for it, because her grandmother wouldn't believe a 2 years old child could draw that well.
She sings a lot, and has a nice voice, and an amazing ear for music. She says she has an inner radio channel that plays the music, and she can hear the songs, accompanies and different vocal ranges. She learned to play guitar, piano and recorder on herself. Her sense for rhythm is wonderful.
She loves to read out loud and animates the words so that it's a pleasure to just listen to her read. She is very good at reciting poems.
She is also mathematically talented, and learns languages easily. She is wonderful with words, plays with them and creates her own. Her logic is impeccable and she loves puzzles and problem solving. When she first heard the story of Alexander the Great and the Gordian knot, she got angry with Alexander, because she is confident that she would have been able to open the knot. I have no doubt of that she would :-D
Her sense of humor is wonderful too. She can giggle at her own jokes and at things others don't see anything to giggle about. She likes to laugh and people like to hear her laugh.
She has an excellent memory and loves information, facts and data. She reads fact books and sucks in the information like a sponge.

She is highly empathic. She cringes when someone else is hurt or even when the hurt is being described. She doesn't want to watch the news, because there is always someone hurting, and she feels with them.
She offers to do things she knows others are afraid or disgusted to do - she doesn't seem to have any fear of anything.
She is almost an adrenaline junkie, loves high places and speed, exploring things and trying out new things. She wants to be either an acrobat or an adventurer when she gets old. She yearns for experience, wants to experience the world, loves to travel and meet new people and see new cultures.
She makes friends easily and people like her. We use the word "high face coefficient", people who meet her think the best of her and she gets extra benefits, like rides the buss for free. She is a good listener and listens to all kinds of people. She doesn't avoid the homeless people or people who don't look like others, and people usually treat her with kindness and openness, tell her all kinds of stories. She smiles at everyone and they smile back at her. She gets her parents into trouble by inviting strangers she meets to her home... :-D

Sometimes bad things happen, she is bullied at school for being so good at everything and for being different, and she turns inside, her light disappears and she turns all grey. She doesn't like to talk about these things, she goes into her woods in stead, or disappears into the world of books. She loves books and libraries and bookstores. She dreams about being an author one day. I'm sure she will be :-)

She is a very kind and quiet child, easy going and people admire her good manners and gentle behavior. Her parents get praise for having raised her well, though they didn't need to do much. She was born that way, and would have the gentle manners even if she was raised by wolves in the jungle.
She doesn't have many friends that are the same age she is. She isn't interested in playing with dolls and "pretending", and the other children think she's a bit of a bore. Adults think she is marvelous, wise beyond her age, so calm and gentle compared to others and such a bright light, always happy, always friendly...

One thing she is not adventurous about is food though. She is extremely picky eater. She loves spicy food, but hates onion and garlick. She is very sensitive about the texture of food. She has a wonderful sense of taste, can easily recognize different cereals and whether pasta is made of wholegrain or not. She notices easily the difference of 3% milk and 1,5% milk. She loves cream. She uses colors when describing taste. "This food needs a bit more red" or "bit more green" she can say.

She is very sensual, has very good senses and loves the sensations.
She can smell the spring, because there is a scent of wet tree bark in the air. She can smell where the wind comes. She can smell the rain.

She loves colors, especially clear, bright and light colors, but also greys and browns. She can look at cloudy skies and talk about the wonderful colors she sees. Blues, pinks and purples... most people only see grey.

She is very picky when it comes to clothes. She doesn't like to wear any, but when she has to, they must be comfortable and beautiful. She refuses to wear anything that is tight, or itches, or is in any other way uncomfortable. It is a pain to go buy her new shoes, as there is something wrong with almost every pair she tries. This one is too narrow, this too wide, this chafes, this squeezes, that is just plain ugly. She has a very precise taste, she knows exactly what she likes and what she doesn't.

Unfortunately she also has the negative consequences of her hyposensitivity. She is allergic to animals, mites, dust and dirt, cannot play much with water and moist things, like doughs and clay, because she gets nasty, itchy rashes on her hands.
She likes water, loves to play with melting spring waters and mud, loves rain and swimming... she doesn't like to wash though.
It also makes it hard to comfort her when she is in pain. She cannot take the touch when she is feeling really angry or sad, and when in physical pain or sick, she must be touched with very light touch and very, very gently, as if with a feather. She isn't tickly, though. There is no middle way of the touch being ignored or being extremely painful.

She has a very high metabolism and her liver works extremely well, most of the medicine doesn't have any effect on her, because she passes it through her system so quickly. She cannot use normal pain killers, because they have no effect on her.

She converses with Mother Earth. She says she can hear "Her heartbeat", and how she gets stronger towards the Midsummer and weakens after. She can sense the seasons. She seems to need the time alone with Mother, wanders hours in the forest and Goddess only knows what she does there. She doesn't mind being alone, in times she seems to prefer that. She doesn't like doing things with others, she prefers doing them alone, at her own pace and the way she likes.

Meditation comes naturally to her. She "knows" things no-one has told her and seems to understand the spiritual world naturally. She has no problems in wandering between the different levels of conscience. She lives in constant connection with God, her Higher Self and other such concepts... so much so that she finds it hard to understand what others are talking about. The Oneness and unity with all living is so natural to her that she cannot understand that there are people to whom that is not the reality.
She is also a natural healer and communicates with animals.
She is also a born gardener. She loves pottering with the soil and plants. She is a treehugger and seems to communicate with the plants.
She also has a high physical intelligence and good balance. She balanced on the back of the armchair after seeing circus in television at the first time in her life, being about 4 or 5. She loves to run, she is always at awe by the simple functions of her body. She loves to run and feel her muscles work and her body to co-operate with the gravity. She is very body-sentious. She loves to dance, she loves the gymnastics, stretching and agility of yoga and she loves tai-chi.
She is aware of the energy around us and she is somewhat capable of manipulating this too. She thinks "magic" is normal state of nature.

I think she's a Crystal Child, but I don't know. What do you think?

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