Friday, March 12, 2010

Pet peeves

One of my peeves is "Kabbalah". Not the Jewish thing, but the Western esoteric version. In my mind it should be called "Paradosi".
Talk about Esoteric Kabbalah and I will blow my top off and you will hear my opinion.

Another one is Christian arrogance.
I'm not talking about normal, ordinary Christians. I have nothing against Christianity or their beliefs, and in my mind Christianity is as good/bad as any other religion in this world, non spiritual -isms included. (Yes, to some people Atheism, Marxism-Leninism or Zionism is a religion, and they behave as any other religious fanatic.) No, I'm talking about the people who say extremely offensive and abusive things with the sugar dripping sanctimonious smile on their lips, and when you confront them, they start calling you all kinds of things, but will not respond to your points :-> I have been called Christian-basher and troll, among others, and even here at Gaia :-D So much for your spirituality.
Really, if your faith cannot be questioned, it's a weak one. On the other hand, maybe you are a spiritually weak person, and would not be stronger in any "conviction" - because in reality you have none, nor faith. What you have is a lot of arrogance, pride, ignorance and attitude.
I know it's totally futile to talk with people like this, but they irritate the heck off me. They too would hear my opinion, if they bothered reading.
One thing in common with these people is that they say I'm "trying" to intimidate them :-D What I say is that I succeed. >:->
For some reason, the people with true conviction, faith, patience and wisdom are never intimidated by me. 0:-)

Third thing is USonians... Now, again, I'm not talking about the ordinary people, but the national chauvinists.
It could be because USA is one of the biggest, strongest, richest and most powerful nations, so their national chauvinism gets worse consequences than others'.
It's also that USA is one of the most ignorant countries in the world. I don't mean ignorant as stupid, but ignorant as unaware of facts... nowhere in the world exists such rich ground of pseudoscience, conspiracy theories and... what to call it... subjective education, I suppose, as in USA. I mean, one cannot even trust the news agencies! This one reports only news that are supportive to this opinion, political leaning, religion, inclination, school of thought, orientation, adherence... everything is tilted and angled to fit a group of people. To get some sort of neutral, balanced idea of what the news actually are, one needs to read a dozen different newspapers and then look at the general opinion expressed in different blogs. Or go to an European news agency :-> A Finn living in Washington D.C. said that the information is there, and that there are some neutral and balanced sources of news, but they are very small and fringy - one need to know where to look and want to go finding them, and the majority doesn't bother. You read what you have always read - the newspaper that confirms your attitudes and opinions - you watch the channel you have always watched.

A couple of years ago, quite a horrific thing happened. I was watching the USonian news on CNN, to keep me updated with the world, and got to see how an aeroplane flew straight into WTC. I called my husband, who was in the library using the internet at the time (we couldn't afford a computer at that time, nor internet) to ask him to find out more information about that. He didn't understand what I was saying, who would have, and understood what had happened only after coming back home and seeing it with his own eyes. I kept following the news the whole day, and the next and next, different channels, text tv, newspapers... When I got to internet, I immediately contacted all my USonian friends asking if everyone was ok, if there was anything I could do, and everything, all over the world was about New York, USA and what had happened. People were sending their sympathy and offering any help they could, supporting and comforting their USonian friends, USonian embassies all over the world were lit with candles people were bringing there...

Then, as far as I understand, a Canadian journalist wrote a little sarcastic comment or poem, or what one could call it, about how no-one came to US's aid in their time of need, even though US goes to help everyone, and all USonians took it and ran with it... suddenly in every debate forum and blog USonians were complaining about how no-one cares of them, even though they are so generous and loving and caring and helpful and what not. It was like a cold shower.
Here we, everyone, the whole world, even Muslim countries, were offering our condoleances, support, comfort and aid, and IT DIDN'T MATTER.
Those damned people didn't even bother noticing how we had come running to their side.
After that I don't much care what happens to the USonians. Why would I? They don't care one bit about me or the rest of the world, and what we do or not do.

Unless, of course, one of us happens to say or do something that can be taken as negative. Then it's all "Why do they hate us, even when we are so generous and loving and caring and helpful and what not!"
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, huh? No, I don't hate you because you are beautiful, because you are not. You are ugly, stingy, hateful, selfish, ruthless, arrogant and ignorant, and I don't like you.
Come down from your pedestal and act like people, then we can discuss.

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