Friday, March 12, 2010

Gaia community is closing down

so I will be moving my posts from there to here. I hope someone finds something interesting :-)

Questions and Reflections:

What message does your highest self have for the world?

"The answer is not "love", it's "no fear"
"You already have all the answers."

How could you answer the question, "What do you do?"

Create my reality

"In a way there's more courage in staying put and finding the truth in dusty small boxes… because it is there. "

“There's a great freedom, isn't there, in knowing that you don't know?”

Are we there yet?

Yes. We are exactly where we are supposed to be.

What are your rules for life?

Oh my... too many to list here.
Too many "bad" rules, too many rules that limit instead of encourage... too many "good" ones I keep forgetting.
Also, they keep evolving. Some disappear, some new ones appear, some change, they marry each other and divorce and have children...
I should write a bible. :-D

What do you believe about astrology?

I believe astrology is a science that has a lot more to offer than can be quickly understood, but I don't believe stars and planets effect us in any way.
If nothing else, it is a very handy symbol language that can be used to explain psychological behavior models.

Do you read your horoscope?
If by "horoscope" you mean the 12 snippets in magazines and sites that tell you what happens to your sign this month - no, I don't. I think horoscopes are too vague and general to be worth anything.

What is your sign?
Aries Sun, Gemini Moon, Rising Libra...

Do you find many of that sign's traits within you?
Which one's? ;-> Yes, I do. My husband usually refers to me and our dog as the Aries kids. (His birthday is a week before mine)

What has been your experience with astrology?
Considering that I was about 10 when I started to study it, and within 5 years had learned to calculate charts and interpret them quite well, and now I'm 40 - my experience with astrology cannot be shared here. What I can say is that I know it "works". I don't know how, but it works.
I also believe there is a LOT MORE to learn and if I had been active with my astrology "hobby", I'd still wouldn't know more than 10% of everything there is to know.

What is your favorite sort of weather?

Stormy weather :-)

It has been "beautiful" days now almost a week, it's over 30 degrees celsius - in shadow - I feel like I am going into meltdown. Sun is too bright and hot, and I just seek into shadows together with my husband and my dog.

I don't like cold either. COOL is nice. Cool breezes, cool summer nights, high and bright cool spring and autumn days, cool, soft and "warm" winter days, when the temperature stays around 10-15 centigrades... That's very nice.

Rain is nice when it pours, and if you add some strong wind, lightnings and black and yellow clouds... GREAT! There is nothing better :-)

Now, I don't like it when storm kills people or destroys their lives, but I think tornadoes and hurricanes are beautiful. I like them anyway.

What are you waiting for?

The chores to go away... ;-)

What's the most beautiful little thing you've seen this week?

This week? A lot of beautiful little things
Among them the crocus coming up, saw them this morning walking the dog. They have planted crocus bulbs by the door and now they are budding. (Yes, I live in Sweden, we haven't come farther than that ;-))
Yesterday, walking the dog, I saw some coltsfoot flowers :-)
Last Thursday I saw the first butterfly of the year and it was yellow :-) A good, fun year waiting for me :-)
I picked some twigs in and now they are green, with tiny, beautiful leaves. Some of them has pussywillows :-)

Spring... filled with beautifu little flowers, leaves, butterflies, birds making nests and eggs, animal babies...

In what area of your life might you like someone to help you?

Right now it's my health. I'm in almost constant pain, and doctors cannot find any reason - I want them to try harder and not give up before they find the reason. I am tired of having pain and tired because I have pain...*sigh*

If you had all the time in the world what would you do?

but I HAVE all the time in the world!

Why is the room you're in arranged the way it is?

Things go where they get room and other things gather around as best fits.
It's a bit like the garden paths - one year they didn't "give" people paths - they just sow grass all over the place. The paths were there in the Autumn, as people had taken the best paths over the grass. Next year they were paved.

How can simplicity support aliveness?

by removing the distraction.

What in your life gives you the most satisfaction?

To fulfill my needs...
to sleep when one is really tired, to go to the toilet when one is really needy, to eat when one is really hungry, to bathe when one is really dirty...

What problem would you most like a solution for?

world peace

Are you playing enough in your life?

No... unfortunately not. I keep forgetting... I take the life too seriously and turn everything into a chore and task and job and work and obligation and duty and other boring stuff... So no wonder Ketutar is a dull girl LOL

In what areas of your life do you want to learn more?

My first response was "in any and every area!", but that is not true...

I want to learn more about magic. I want to learn more about my chosen lifestyle and spirituality. I want to learn about me and my magical talents and how to use them for the good of the world, my environment, my family, my friends... in the end, it's all the same, but I am a small circle girl and don't see myself as some kind of Savior of Humanity. :-D More as a wheel in the machinery among millions of others... we all have a place in the Universe and everything we do influence everything else...

I also want to learn more about baking and making desserts. ;-)

What new ideas are bubbling in you these days?

no new ideas, the old ones are maturing :-)

What would you like to commit to?


What is the difference between wants and needs?

eed is something I cannot live without.
Want is an inner mechanics to make us pursue what we have been born to do.

I believe our wants are personal and individual - we want what we are supposed to want - not everyone wants to be a writer, to have red hair, to have cats, to travel, to have a Jugend house with a HUGE library, in countryside, with a lovely, handsome fellow, with whom one can sit in the garden filled with flowers and wilderness and secrets and mystic and magic, and have a cream tea on Lomonosov tea set and white Battenburg lace cloth...
Some people want to have espresso in busy city with a lovely, handsome fellow, who has a lot of money, a real rolex, nice, fast car, busy timetable and a villa in Monaco.
Some people want to be that fellow.
Some people want to travel to India to meditate under a Bunyan tree and reach Nirvana.

Not me. It must mean something.

How has your life changed over the past 10 years?

Most certainly, and a lot.

What language do you speak most fluently?

My mothertongue.

What current transitions are you experiencing?

life ;-)
Entering Middle Ages :-D
Waiting for Menopause

When did you last speak in front of a group?

In school.

I don't find speaking in front of a group difficult, if I have a prepared "speech". I got "cured" from that fear in Highschool.

What topics do you tend to avoid?

Anything fanatics want to discuss.

Where have you found the most peace of mind?


What is the light like right now?

Light is always right, even when the darkness is right too :-)
There must be shadows and reflections in life for it to be perfect :-)
It's like in the NG ad - "sometimes we must fly to realize we belong on earth, sometimes we must bow down to realize when to stand up for what we believe in..."
sometimes bad things must happen for us to appreciate light :-)

What is happiness to you?


Being satisfied with what is here, now, seeing, counting and appreciating the blessings :-)

It's my 11th wedding day today, and I listen to my husband snoring here in bed beside me, and the dog is echoing him in the footend, and that makes me very happy :-)

When was the last time you were moved to tears?

A couple of days ago I started a thread called "Love, Peace and Understanding", and someone (you know who you are :-)) sent me an e-card, thanking me for it :-)
I had been a bit sad because it seemed no-one cared about the thread, and my efforts had gone unnoticed, but the message told me that it did matter :-)

Thank you, very much :-)
“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
- Howard Thurman
What's contributed most to who you are today?


What culture most interests you?


As I happened to see someone else's response to this, I realized that I need to define "culture" first.

I believe "culture" is something that "happens". When ever a group of people lives together, they get a culture. It doesn't come from "trying to act in a way that might please the government", but "what works best for the specific group".
Every now and then there are people born who doesn't feel comfortable in the group. Right wing parents get a child who thinks socialism is a great idea. Christian parents get a Pagan child. These people create a subculture - they take from the culture what they find good, and replace the bad bits with what they think is good. Like Protestants. They take the Bible, Jesus, God and a lot of dogmas from Catholicism, but put in own values.
Some subcultures grow bigger than the mother-culture, some subcultures take over and become main culture, some subcultures do this by leaving the mother-culture. This is how USA was founded.
Some "groups of people" are big, like countries, some are small, even to a handful of people, or just one. Many dying cultures are small, as they are dying because all the children decided to join another culture.
What is true, I think, is that there are no humans without culture. Even one person can create a subculture, and in a way not only "can", but does.
There are no two Pagans who define their culture the same way, even when a lot of their definition is the same, so in reality they both have their own subculture.

This is why I think answering "none" to this question, is either saying "I am not interested of my fellow human beings, nor myself" or "I don't understand the question".

What was the last museum you visited?

National Museum of Stockholm to see the Caspar David Friedrich exhibition

What book have you been wanting to read?

A lot of books.

I'm right now trying to understand this spiritual imperialism, so I'm reading Gary Zukav, Deepak Chopra, CIM, Donald Neale Walsh and such. Eckhard Tolle is a big candidate, and anything else presented in Oprah.

Very interesting to read this stuff, being an European Pagan and a witch, that is from outside... The silver threads of dance are so clearly visible to me, whereas the dancers don't seem to even notice... Fascinating.

Why ask the big questions?

Why not?
Ask every question, question everything :-) Curiosity is what made the humankind :-)

Has your personality changed over the years?

I don't think my personality has changed... just the way I express myself and how I behave.
I have learned to distrust, suspect and fear my fellow human beings, and therefore hide, cower and flee, but my personality is very much the same I remember it being.

What have you been thinking about this past week?

Not much - between Olympics and being ill there isn't much time nor interest to other things :-D

What are the qualities of graciousness?

Serenity, silence, kindness, generosity, self esteem

Who is the most important person in your life?

I am.
2. My husband, soulmate, best friend and life partner :-)

Then comes my family, friends, and the rest of the people of the world, according to closeness to me in the circle of life.
The more I meet people, the more important the are in my life.

What is your greatest enemy?

Optimism :-D

What do you need most in your life?

Life :-D

What was the last thing you celebrated?

Being Finnish :-)

Does living a simpler life appeal to you?


Who has been on your mind recently?

A lot of people. My family, my friends, people I appreciate, people I don't appreciate...

How has your life been different than what you imagined?

LOL very much so :-)

I wanted to become a mother.
I planned on getting the first child already 1988, and then continue until I have at least 7. I am the seventh child my self, so... 7th child of a 7th child... you know. ;-)

I wanted to be an acrobat, have a horse farm, be a gardener, be a pilot, be a soldier, be this and that, and nothing of it happened.

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