Friday, January 30, 2015


Imbolc is just around the corner, and I'm not happy with what I have achieved this year.

I don't want to lower the expectations, I want to higher my prestation.

I know I have excuses. Always.
'If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.'

My excuses are that I'm sick.
I have fibromyalgia, and it makes it hard to do anything.
I also have allergies, I'm allergic to animal hair, dandruff, mites, chitin - all the things dust is created of. Which makes acts making the dust move dangerous to me.
I also have Asperger's, which means that I need to do things in a certain way, or not at all.
And I'm married to a man with Asperger's and ADHD, who needs to have his things in a certain way, and who needs to do things in a certain way, and these ways are different to mine... so I need to adjust and assimilate and apply, and I'm not good at that.

Nevertheless, I wanted to get my Spring Cleaning done to this day, and it's not done.
I don't like it.

All I want to do is create. I want to paint. I want to play with paper. I want to make art. I want to do crafts. Anything but clean.

But to get some Imbolc inspiration for the last weekend, a last brave effort to elevate Imbolc from the other days of the year, go to my Imbolc board at Pinterest.

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