Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week 2

I like astrology, and in astrology the life is already divided into 12 houses, areas of life.

Houses 1-6 are "under the surface", that is, not visible to most other people.
Houses 7-12 are "above the surface" that is, public, visible.
The houses are loosely paired, so that there's
the 1. house; ASC, ascendent, Aries' house and
7th house; DSC, descendent, Libra's house. 1. house is about me, 7. house about others, you.
2. is Taurus' house; and it's all about things like property and heritage, and so is
8th house, the house of the Scorpio. The difference is that Taurus' house is about private property and the kind of heritage that shows in your genes. Scorpio's house is about public property and the kind of heritage lawyers take care of.
3. is about friends and learning;
4. (IC) about home and belonging to a family;
5. about creating; as well off-spring as art, it's about fun and love and leisure time and hobbies.
6. is about everyday, things you do everyday, work, cleaning, wearing clothes, health and sickness etc. etc.
9 - opposite to 3 - is also about learning, but this time it's about academic pursues, higher learning, spiritual learning, expanding and widening the horizons, traveling in both reality and imagination
10. (MC) is about career, belonging in a public "family", a tribe, a village
11. - opposite to 5 - is the house of friends and the things you do with your friends in public. Like clubs and societies.
12. is the house of fears and shadows, subconscious and secrets.

Here's "10 areas of your life that may need a boost"

Think about these 12 areas of your life and how you could improve them. 

This week's homework is to get your natal horoscope chart and find out which planets you have in which houses and where the houses are.
Especially the planets in your 12th house are important.
Make your chart part of your Self Searching Journal.

 This is my "heart's message" page. The message of my heart was "Let Go". So I chose the Word for this year to be "Free". This is also my self-portrait, even though it doesn't look like me :-D

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