Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week 3

I was thinking about the Inner Critic...

I want you to go to Willowing and friends at Ning, and join.
Then head to the "Free Classes", and take the "Art, Heart and Healing" class. Do the first assignment.

It's a bit the same as "What Does Your Heart Say?"

Now, after my "Catastrophy", I have been reading a lot about things like that. And I am starting to think that the "Inner Critic" is really badly named.

I have Asperger's, and that means I am working at "taming my inner lizard".  My lizard is really fast and strong, but sort of deaf... but the idea of that scaredy cat (or lizard) being a real lizard makes it easier for me to take it easy and not give those impulses as much weight.

So I thought of changing the image of the Inner Critic. She's sort of an overprotective mother... or guardian. The voice is there to protect me from getting emotionally hurt. If she manages to keep me safe, packed in cotton and Styrofoam in a unbreakable box with extra shock absorbers, she knows I will be safe. Unfortunately, she can't do that. So she will always be yapping and whining and muttering and trying to get me into the box in every mean she can come up with. And she has noticed that fear mongering works best.

Here's a couple of articles that give you suggestions on how to tame your inner critic
- by Mike Robbins
- by Dan Buettner
- by Laura Markham
- by Amy Morin
- by Bonnie Wise

I suggest you think about every one of these suggestions and how it applies to your inner... hmm... overprotective guardian? :-D, and make a page in your journal about each one, to help you remember

P.S. Also something wonderful for you: Julia Cameron; the artist's way video course

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