Saturday, July 17, 2010


Found the "Librophiliac's Love Letter" about libraries... some really took my breath away :-D I don't think I can manage something like that in my cob cottage...

Not only the library itself is amazing, but the roof! It's like ocean turned upside down...
This one reminds me of aunt Elinor's library in Ink Heart. :-)

This one reminds me of the library in the Name of the Rose... just a bit too bright ;-)

Now, these are a bit more realistic for a normal person... somewhat more normal person, like me :-D

Now, I would be happy if Jay Walker allowed me to live in his library... I would sleep on the couch and hide in some distant corner when ever people come around. I wouldn't even want anything to eat... That library made me cry. That is money well spent :-)
(Not like House on the Rock. That's just stupid.)

I didn't know about that before I visited There's a lot of other interesting things there :-)

P.S. I find the House on the Rock inspiring though.

"The 13 rooms of the Original House are linked by common elements and moods – blue stained glass for a nighttime ambience, or warmth and serenity from the sandstone hearth." sounds interesting. The reality is not that interesting.

I wouldn't collect the things Alex Jordan did. I would collect swords... and mythical creatures.

It would be fun with dioramas, though... I love dioramas, like miniature railroads and Tove Jansson's Moomin dioramas in the museum in Tampere. And the magnificent crechés, Neapolitan Presepios and Polish szopkas. I also love doll's houses. :-) Well... and model ships. I suppose I like miniatures :-D It might be an interesting idea to try to create things like House on the Rock and Jay Walker's library etc. in miniatures... though I don't think our 60 square meters is even close enough :-D
Circus is ok, miniature zoos even better. I love Noah's arcs :-)

Daguerre's diorama sounds really interesting too... think of Bayeux tapestry...

I like curiosity cabinets and museums of natural history.
* link 1 (they have 15 editions of the Cabinet of Curiosity... go, read them all :-D)
* link 2 , *link 3 and *link 4

I don't like mechanical music, but I like mechanical toys... and puppets. And special effects. Starevich and Harryhausen... *sigh*

The Queen from "Le Roman de Renard" by Ladislas Starevitch

I am also fascinated by the Carousel. Carousel creatures are amazing. Think that someone actually carved all those thousands of detailed creatures just to run around and around in a carousel. And the figureheads... love those too :-)

I would also like to have a big herbal meditation garden, like they have in Hässelby... just bigger :-D

These are not from the Swedish garden. I'll add pictures when I get some. It's really lovely, with stones from all over the world, reflecting balls, beehive, benches and nooks and the lovely, fresh, vital and well kept herbs...

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