Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Now I have taken a step I have regretted for not taken for 20 years... I've applied to a beekeeping course :-D

I read this article about that "Natural England" RECOMMENDS urban beekeeping - to keep the bees alive. (Also, "city bees are better off than their country cousins")
I don't believe we will be moving to countryside any time soon, but I do have a balcony, and we live in a suburb with the countryside in just around the corner - I can actually see fields from my balcony ;-) (Not really, but if the trees in between us and the farms didn't exist, I would. We have one farm in about a mile South-West and another, big one, about a mile South-East :-D)

So I'll be making myself a bee-garden in my balcony :-)

I like bee balm, centaureas, chocolate cosmos (the other Cosmos Flowers are ok too, and my husband would like them. Look like daisies, the "only real flower" in his mind :-D)
Jacob's ladder is also fine, Globe Thistle, Reversed Clover, Borago, Lacy Phacelias, Deadnettles, "Baby Blue-eyes" (in black ;-)), Marigolds are ofcourse welcome to a witch's garden, Fairycandle "black neglicee" :-D, Bishop's weed, Meadowsweet, Alyssum, Masterworts (Moulin Rouge is especially pretty), Snapdragons, Daphnez, Phloxias, purple coneflowers, lobelias, lupines, sunflowers and all kinds of poppies :-) I adore columbines (aquilegia), but they are hummingbird flowers, and we don't have hummingbirds... I hope the bees like them too :-) They should also like strawberries :-) So do I :-D Also, simple roses :-)
Now I need to find out which of these flowers like to grow together... on a balcony ;-)

Then I need some sort of bird bath :-)

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