Wednesday, October 16, 2013

31 Days of Inspired Holidays: day 16: holiday binder

So, it's mid-month. Two more weeks to the Big Day. :-)

Now, this is a bit "late", as I might have needed to talk about it already in the beginning of the month, but better later than never, isn't it? :-)

Living Intentionally Free Printable

She does have a point. Not only as a SAHM, but my time tends to slip away on social media, just like hers. It's so easy, so lovely, to spend time on Pinterest, and I get a feeling of doing something... perhaps not the most important something I could be doing, but neither the most unimportant. I do get ideas, tips, inspiration, advice and so on. It was on Pinterest I found the idea of a household binder, too.

Oh, and my Sabbath binders are going to cost only some 40 cronas a piece, 320 cronas, and that's less than I expected. (Yes, I know, it's about twice as expensive as similar would be in USA. I don't live in USA.) But the extra wide register pages are going to ruin me :-D So I need to make them myself.

I am going to talk a bit more about that. That is, my Sabbath binders. I started collecting all my notes on the different Sabbaths in the 20th century. (Yes, I know, that wasn't even 15 years ago... Fifteen years ago... feels like just yesterday we celebrated 2K... And now it's 2013. Soon to be 2014...). In 1990's I had so much information about each Sabbath, that I could move it all to their own folders. Right now I'm getting so much paper and information that I will need binders for each Sabbath. And after I started keeping the household binder, I added a Sabbath part to that, and it didn't take long (like 2-3 days) before my household binder was too small for Sabbath information...

So I decided to have 8 binders, one for each Sabbath, and have all the general information copied for each of them, so that I only need to take down one binder when I need it. Right now I have one general Sabbath binder, the 8 folders and one Holiday Planner, to which I move the current Sabbath information from its folder... but that's really bothersome, so I want to get eight binders, and... yeah. I already said that, didn't I :-D

This is the main "villain" of the story:
Make Christmas planner notebook

Create your own Holiday Organizer
create a removable binder cover
How to create a holiday planner
make a holiday planner
Christmas planner printables
create your own holiday organizational manual

Some suggestions on the dividers and here's some, too

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