Thursday, October 17, 2013

31 Days of Inspired Holidays: day 17: a bit about astrology and more about decoration

Now it's just two weeks to Samhain eve. At least, for me. My Samhain date is always 1/11, so the last day of October is Samhain eve. If you have a different date, plan accordingly ;-)

Astrologically the date of Samhain is when the Sun is 15 degrees Scorpio, and that's on 7th of November, which also happens to be the midpoint of Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. (Or 6th, actually. Not that big a difference.)

I have been focused on cleaning and organizing and lists for so long, that now, when all that is done, and everything more I do on that is just petty details... I don't know what to do :-D
I was lying in my bed and thinking about what to do, when I realized that I haven't decorated yet :-D
And then I realized that the groundwork is done. I don't NEED to think about sorting and cleaning and all that. I don't need to think about decluttering. I don't need to... oh, how wonderful!

So - I have already a holiday decoration plan, which I just adjust to the specific holidays. I have a plan for each room, and then some details, like the door and windows. I don't have a fireplace and mantelpiece, but I have a low bookshelf, which works like a mantelpiece. I do love decorated mantelpieces :-)

This mantelpiece is from Emerald Interior Design.
It's not fully my style or to my liking, but the composition is nice.
I like those painted boughs, and the Boo! pillow :-)
But there's some nice ideas there in that blog. :-)

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