Saturday, October 5, 2013

31 Days of Inspired Holidays: day 5: Cleaning

I assume most people go to work and have too much to do on everyday week days to be doing the cleaning as well, so I'll just walk you through this week's cleaning on Saturday.

I think it would be good to clean the outside of your home, the door and the entry, so that everyone who sees your home will catch a little of the Holiday Spirit.

I also think it would be good to go through the storages (as I am expecting you do this every 6 1/2 weeks, you won't be having that much job to do, and your home will be nice and clean the whole year.)
so that you have room for everything you need room for, and find everything you might need, like holiday decorations.

Organized Home's cleaning checklists:
Front Porch
Entryway, Foyer
Storages (Garage, Attic, Pantry and Closets)

As you go through the storages, you'll be picking up the holiday decor and going through that. What needs to be cleaned, replaced, mended, thrown away or purchased?

Here's some great articles about holiday decor organizing, storing and
Real Simple: Storing Holiday Decor
Better Homes' "Ultimate guide to storing holiday decor"
12 smart ways to put away the holiday decor
Here's Jen from I<3organizing: a="" holiday="" our="" storage="">

Just organized: putting away Christmas

You also need to see if you need to have carpets and rugs cleaned, and schedule the cleaning.

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